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The Red Cliff Hindi Dubbed Free Download

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The Red Cliff Hindi Dubbed Free Download

The first chapter of a two-part story centered on a battle fought in China's Three Kingdoms period (220-280 A.D.). In 208 A.D., in the Han Dinasty of China, the tyrannic and greedy Prime Minster Cao Cao forces the reluctant Emperor Han to declare war against the kingdoms of Liu Bei and Sun Quan in the South of China. Cao Cao heads with a mighty army of one million soldiers and attacks Liu Bei. His advisor and war strategist Zhuge Liang heads to South in a diplomatic mission trying to convince Sun Quan to join force with Liu Bei against the powerful warlord. When Zhuge Liang meets the viceroy Zhou Yu, he succeeds in his assignment with the alliance of the two kingdoms against Cao Cao. The armies fight against each other in many battles until the final one in Red Cliff where guile, knowledge and strategy prevail. Saw Chi Bi in its West Coast premier last night. Not knowing the story at all I found it fascinating and easy to follow. I saw many influences at work here and it certainly it reflects Woo's adulation of Kurosawa. He also said he loves musicals and all the battles were certainly choreographed to music.

The film is extremely action packed—brimming with fiery explosions, excruciating sound effects and blood. The full frontal violence is tempered however, because of the special effects and slow motion, which turn it into a ballet and opera that ostensibly removes the gore from reality.

I agree with the director who said Tony Leung is maturing and has more charisma and heart. The film fully developed the characters, which I think was excellent. All the actors were very fine.

One criticism I have is with some touches of corniness throughout. In addition, I think the weakest part of the film is found with the female lead, whose character was written into the book/movie by the director. He stated that he wanted his film to be an anti-war movie and a lot of the nihilistic dialog at the end reflects that goal. This aspect works against the whole epic nobility of the film. If all are wrong to fight and any victory is worthless and there are no winners, what's it all about anyway? The characters were set up throughout the movie to be heroes and their cause, a right cause, but I think the postmodern mindset here diminishes the whole project.

Nonetheless, it had sumptuous costumes and sets, was terrifically choreographed and was a spellbinding piece of entertainment! ed Cliff

While China is on its way to becoming a leading super-power, most folks are unaware of its significance, since the country's ban on the Internet prevents it from bragging about itself on facebook. Luckily, the Chinese have this historical action/drama to enlighten western audiences of their supremacy.

In 208 AD, a warlord from the north, Cao Cao, decides to overthrow his two rivals in the south, Sun Quan and Liu Bei (Tony Leung Chiu Wai). To foil Cao Cao, the two overlords must forge an unlikely alliance. But with Cao Cao's ranks still outnumbering their amalgamated armies, Sun and Liu must apply cunning to abate the attacks.

Based on a true story, this expansive yet lengthy epic is masterfully handled by director John Woo, who restores beauty, humour and chivalry to Asian cinema.

And while some doubt China's proliferation, remember, they've already established China Towns in almost every North American city. (Green Light) Red Cliff exudes a physical grandiosity that few movies of the past 20 years have attempted--no matter that Woo, even at his best, is still more at ease with down-and-dirty action than epic pageantry. The original Hong Kong Version of the first movie runs approx. 145 minutes, the complete International Version 143 minutes. One can do the math. Approx. 50 percent of each movie were cut out.


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