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The International Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

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The International Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

An Interpol agent attempts to expose a high-profile financial institution's role in an international arms dealing ring. The Interpol Agent Louis Salinger and his partner are investigating the International Bank of Business and Credit (IBBC). This investigation is with with the District Attorney, Eleanor Whitman, from Manhattan in a two hundred million dollars illegal business of weapons trading. They schedule a meeting with an insider informer from IBBC at the Central Station in Berlin; however his partner is mysteriously killed after the encounter. Salinger finds the identity of the informer when he sees that the Vice President of Acquisitions André Clement had died in a car accident. Salinger and Whitman head to Milan where they meet the politician Umberto Calvini, who is a big arms manufacturer, and he explains that IBBC is interested in buying the missile guiding system that he produces in his factory. When Calvini is murdered by a sniper in a political rally, Salinger and Whitman head to New York following the killer and later to Istanbul, and disclose a scheme of arms supply and destabilization of governments to make their nations slaves of debt. Further, the bank is protected by legal systems and only if Salinger crosses the line he might bring some justice to the corrupt system. Somehow, I had expected I wouldn't like this. I'm not even sure why. Perhaps because I feel Tom Tykwer is selling out, or because I didn't like Naomi Watts' hairstyle in the trailer, or because Armin Mueller-Stahl makes me sick, or just because I thought the whole thing was over-hyped. But then it wasn't so bad really. Sort of like 007 with a conscience. No wait. 007 *has* a conscience these days. Some people actually think "A Quantum of Solace" was an Eco-thriller. Alright then. "The International" is a thriller set in the world of high finance and politics. It raises important issues without boring you to death. The location scouting is somewhat touristy (Berlin, Milan, New York, Lake Garda), but not so much it bothered me. I liked the ending, mostly because it avoids easy answers. Very shapely extras, both at the Berlin gallery and at the Guggenheim. Unfortunately, looking at art, they are only visible from behind. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. I'd prefer these girls' backs to the fronts of almost everyone I know. It sure worked out for Melissa Etheridge. If you don't know what I'm going on about, of if you like your arms dealers a little snappier than Ulrich Thomsen, I suggest you check out "Lord of War". It takes awhile for the plot of The International to get going, so be prepared. When it does finally take off we find that an evil multinational banking institution has embarked on a Machiavellian plot to corner the market in small arms sales. To facilitate this ambitious scheme they have bribed politicians, police, banks, arms dealers, and just about everyone else in the entire EU, everyone is in on it, and those that aren't meet carefully calculated ends at the hands of hired assassins, all made to look like accidents of course. The plot is a bit too Byzantine for my taste and at times becomes somewhat difficult to follow (perhaps it was because my eyelids were a bit droopy in the beginning). When things do coalesce about halfway into the film it becomes rather good. The near capture of the assassin at the Guggenheim Museum in New York is particularly enjoyable. The film actually has a realistic ending that, for some, might not be very satisfying. I liked it because it was different, not everything came up roses, but it wasn't a completely tragic ending either. The International isn't a bad movie but I have definitely seen better. An action thriller with some decent action and a few thrills, but all embedded in a yarn so hopelessly tangled that even the loose threads have knots. The International is an original screenplay by screenwriter Eric Singer. The screenplay is supposedly based on two financial corporations—the Canadian-based Permindex Trade Organization and the Pakistani-based Bank of Credit and Commerce International. The title refers to the International Bank of Business and Credit, a powerful international bank that is involved in illegal activities and corruption.


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