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The Snowpiercer Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

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The Snowpiercer Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

It's 2031, seventeen years after authorities in seventy-nine countries decided collectively to combat global warming with the coolant CW-7. The result was the Earth being immediately sent into a deep freeze, killing all human life except a handful who now live on a proverbial "ark", a revolutionary train built before 2014 by a train aficionado named Wilford, the train which at that time was considered useless and self-indulgent. The train is required to be constantly moving to generate energy for life inside, it which circumnavigates the globe on a single continuous track once every year. The train is still controlled in all its aspects by Wilford, who has created three separate classes housed in different parts of the train: the privileged "one percent" who are at the front of the train, the workers who support both ends and occupy the middle of the train, and the "tail people", the masses who live at the back of the train like cattle in a windowless cattle car, they being solely fed protein bars, whose ingredients the tail people do not know. The face of Wilford's ideology to those in the tail end is Minister Mason, as Wilford never ventures to that end of the train. Some of the policies which Wilford has implemented is taking many of the children from the tail end for an unknown purpose never to be seen by the people in the tail end again, and committing occasional indiscriminate genocide in the tail end, most of the tail people believing as a method of population control and to demonstrate his dictatorial power in an effort to have a complacent populace among the masses. There have been many attempts of revolution by the tail people in the past, all quashed by Wilford. Curtis, one of the tail people, wants to attempt another revolution, he believing all past attempts having failed because they have focused on Wilford as opposed to what he feels needs to occur for power: take control of the engine at the front. Supporting Curtis in this fight are among others: Gilliam, the wise old man; Edgar, who Curtis took under his wing when he became orphaned in the early years; and Tanya and Andrew, who want to find their children taken away. Along the way, they have to co-opt Namgoong Minsoo, an addict of a synthetic hallucinogen called Kronole, he who designed the security system, namely the locking mechanism of the gates between all the train cars. As Curtis and his team try to work their way from car to car from the tail to the front, their priorities are influenced by what they see, what they learn and by revelations including secrets from their individual pasts. Set in a future where a failed climate-change experiment kills all life on the planet except for a lucky few who boarded the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around the globe, where a class system emerges. Forget the reviews whining about the plot holes (yes, there are tons). Pay no attention to those people who genuinely believe Joon- ho Bong is making a profound statement about humanity, society, or pending environmental catastrophes. Don't waste time over-analyzing the film's ending and whether or not it matters to the rest of the story. Sit down, grab some popcorn, and enjoy this stylistic and completely original action flick set inside a train, carrying the last of the human race, traveling endlessly around the now uninhabitable frozen earth. When was the last time you saw a film with that setting?

The plot is simple enough. Our heroes are third-class citizens, confined to a lifetime of captivity in the back of the train. Their oppressors deny them freedom, information, luxuries and dignity, for seemingly no other reason besides them being residents of the tail. Several rebellions have been attempted by the tail inhabitants in the years preceding the events in the film, none successful but the characters and their surroundings bear the scars of years of injustice and violent defeat. The lighting, costumes, colors, grunginess created by Bong during the first act are critical in establishing the dark reality that our heroes have had to endure for the 17 years that the train has been operational. The actors appear unkempt, worn, and at times exhausted, and portray their characters with a believable survivalist resilience that is necessary to propel the story.

Eventually a well-choreographed and terrifically filmed action- rebellion sequence takes place, and our heroes spend the rest of the film trying to get to the front of the train, forcing their way from car to car, to seek justice and answers. This is where the film becomes the most fun as it indulges in absurdity, grandiosity, violence and shock value. Each train car is a unique environment: a greenhouse, school classroom, slaughterhouse, aquarium… Each presents a new physical and psychological challenge for our heroes, and a new perspective on the essence of the train itself. If the viewer is wondering why the classroom car is next to the prison car, or why the nightclub is nearest to the front, or why we never see any residential cars, they are missing point. The claustrophobic environment of each car serves to heighten the peril our heroes feel when confronted by the bad guys, while also substantially increasing the intensity of the action. Even the bad guys must control their excessive force to a point, lest they risk derailing the train or cutting off their escape/retreat path to safety.

One bad guy of note, actually a bad girl to be precise, is the character Mason played brilliantly by a barely recognizable Tilda Swinton. Homely and unpolished yet borderline comical, Ms. Swinton hits just the right note as a merciless, craven and utterly repellent hag. Her performance embodies the tone of the film, unsightly, amusing, capricious, but most of all FUN. The most upsetting part when he was offered the last cigarette on earth and he just let it burn down while saying his boring monologue. And they even show the cigarette, burned down, unsmoked. Almost cried The way the allegory works out is not exactly subtle or unexpected, but is strangely moving, despite the gruesomeness that has gone before. All in all, a treat.


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