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Hindi The Other Guys Free Download

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Hindi The Other Guys Free Download

Two mismatched New York City detectives seize an opportunity to step up like the city's top cops, whom they idolize, only things don't quite go as planned. Officers Danson and Highsmith are the two best cops that New York City has to offer. However when they take on an assignment that proves for them to be too much to handle, they are killed in the line of duty. With New York now devoid of its heroes, a void needs to be filled. The entire department is scrambling to fill the fallen heroes' shoes. But now Alan Gamble, a seemingly bland and dull forensics accountant, and his partner Terry Hoitz, who earned the nickname "The Yankee Clipper" and is universally known for having shot Derek Jeter during game 7 of the World Series, have broken the case open thanks to Gamble's investigation of faulty scaffolding equipment. Now desperate to see some action, Gamble and Hoitz will leave their desks to take on the case of a lifetime that will see their partnership come to the ultimate test, as well as the relationships they have with their significant others. Will Gamble and Hoitz live to tell about it, or will they just be the other guys? I gave this movie a 2 because I actually watched the whole thing, although I'm not sure why. First of all let me say that I love campy comedies, but I did not laugh at this movie once. I did smile during the scene where the helicopter lands on the driving range and everyone hits it with golf balls, because that is exactly what would happen on a driving range, but that was it: I smiled at the one scene that had any relevance to life, what-so-ever.

The rest of this movie was a miserable, soulless, vapid attempt at comedy. Oh it was shiny, and there were cameos and TONS of "talented actors", but it really was just a polished turd. It reminded me of those "third in a series" "Austin Powers III" or "Oceans 13", where they fill the movie to the rim with people to help camouflage the fact that the script and the subject are just worn out. I think someone needs to educate the creators of this movie that the audience needs only the slightest bit of real character development to appreciate a film. When you create a movie filled entirely with the same, one-dimensional characters, it's like watching a 2 hour commercial...except that even commercials have better character development than this movie.

Thank god for Eva Mendez - she was the only one that added a little grounding to this farce. Everything else will insult your intelligence with the notion that all Hollywood needs to do is get a bunch of known actors together to simultaneously phone-in a glib movie, and you've been given your money's worth. (according to IMDb, this movie cost $100 million to make? MY GOD what a waste)

Want a funny, awesome cop-buddy movie? Rent "Hot Fuzz". It cost 8 million pounds to make and was Shakespearean by comparison. Want a tiring tour of Hollywood self-infatuation and "cutesiness"? Watch "The Other Guys". Will Ferrell is like Marmite, you either like him or you don't; I am of the latter persuasion, though I am guilty of enjoying Blades of Fury.

This film just didn't do anything for me, either as a comedy, thriller, or buddy-buddy action movie. Most of the better scenes were absent of Mr Ferrell. For me, the best parts of the movie was the ingenious opening sequence that created a fantastic satirical parody of every action movie filmed.

The other laugh-out-loud scene was when Will Ferrell's character, Allen Gamble, introduces his partner, Terry Hoitz (played well by Mark Wahlberg) to his wife Dr Sheila Gamble (nicely acted by Eva Mendes). This is a well thought out and well written bit of comedy, shame Will Ferrell was in it, his over-acting very nearly spoiled the piece.

If it wasn't for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Samual L Jackson, and Mark Wahlberg this would not be as good a Will Ferrell vehicle as it isn't.

If Mr Ferrell makes you laugh and puts a smile on your face then this movie is for you. Otherwise, just search for the two scenes I've rated and you'll have seen the best parts of the film. The film, meanwhile, gives Wahlberg and Ferrell beautiful opportunities to turn their anger-mismanagement-meets-milquetoast act into an absurdist version of Abbott and Costello. Oh La La by Goldfrapp. The complete list of songs in the Other Guys soundtrack can be foundhere with scene descriptions. On DVD/BD both the Theatrical Version and an Unrated Version have been released. The latter runs approx. ten and a half minutes longer than the well-known version and offers some more scenes that are R-Rated worthy. Due to the fact that both versions are featured on the DVD/BD one can check out both versions and there's no need for a double dip.


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