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Ghajini Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

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Ghajini Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

One of the wealthiest business tycoon Sanjay Singhania (Owner of Singhania group of Industries) who was a very nice businessman and fell in love with a beautiful girl Kalpana who was an ad film actress. His life is ruined by a man called Ghajini who killed his love and also damaged his brain and two years later he is suffering from a mental disease called short-term memory lost he is living his life by writing notes, clicking pictures and sketching tattoos on his body just to take avenge from the man ghajini. Medical student, Sunita, is driven by curiosity to study the case of Sanjay Singhania, who is afflicted with short-term memory loss. She runs into him, befriends him, and finds out that he is out to kill a seemingly benevolent citizen, Ghajini Dharmatma. After warning the latter of the impending danger, she subsequently comes across a number of diaries written by Sanjay and attempts to put together a jigsaw puzzle as to how a successful and wealthy businessman became a crazed recluse, who re-lives his past through tattoos on his body, notes and Polaroid photographs on the wall of his Hiranandani Complex flat, and his sole obsession of carrying out his deadly mission - little knowing that Ghajini and his goons are out to erase every bit of evidence he has gathered and thus ensure that he ends up remembering nothing. An excellent film that u can expect from Mr perfectionist Aamir.He has done a fantastic job.I have seen Ghajini before 3 years in both Telugu and Tamil versions.Surya did a great job.But, when it comes to Aamir,I was fascinated completely with his unbeatable performance.

A lot of people made comments on Ghajini that it is a perfect copy of Memento(2000).They criticized a lot and they gave even one star rating surprisingly.But,only the main theme of those films is same but there is a lot of difference between those films.How can they rate by comparing with Memento?This is absolutely ridiculous.

The film contains a lot other stuff than Memento.The fantastic ROMANTIC COMEDY of the film.All above mentioned people only bother about that damn disorder and it's loopholes but they neglected the real sweetness of the movie completely.

I observed all people were enjoying complete 3 hours in B and C grade centers.Such people don't bother about Memento.They enjoy all the good stuff in the movie and are not concerned whether it is a copy or not.And I can bet that definitely this film's fate will not be judged by multiplex audience only.

It's worth watching and DON'T MISS IT.

DON'T COMPARE IT WITH MEMENTO PLZ............. A lot of critics have condemned this film as being a mere remake of the highly acclaimed and popular Hollywood film 'Memento'. While there is no doubt that this film is at the very least loosely inspired from Memento, to call it a complete rip-off would not only be a stretch of the imagination demanded greater suspension of disbelief than that required for viewing either movie, but would also be unfair to the effort Murgadoss and the rest of the team have put into developing this epic for an Indian audience. Rather, it would be best to view this film as a separate entity, something not quite at the standards of Hollywood's best but certainly above the usual clichéd Bollywood fare.

Ghajini tells the story of a man called Sanjay Singhania (Aamir Khan), who suffers from a condition called Anterograde amnesia, which prevents him from forming new memories, as a result of which he is unable to remember anything for more than around 15 minutes. This condition was caused by the brain damage he suffered when hit on the head by an iron rod, during a violent attack on him which also resulted in the death of his lover, Kalpana (Asin). Haunted night and day by fragmented memories of the incident, he is driven to near-madness with rage and embarks on a quest to avenge the death of his love, by hunting down the gang behind the attack-his ultimate targets being a Mob lord about whom he knows nothing save for a single name-'Ghajini'. In order to compensate for his short term memory loss, he uses a system of notes, Polaroid photographs and tattoos on his body to remind himself of the facts he has gathered during his quest and the progress he has made. Along the way, he encounters a medical student named Sunita (Jiah Khan) who is intrigued by his condition and wishes to study him and thus ends up being dragged into his violent life. The story of Sanjay's violent quest alternates with extended flashback sequences of his happy pre-amnesiac past as a savvy corporate honcho and tells the tale of his romance with lively ad model Kalpana and the circumstances which led up to the incident that caused her death and his memory loss. Ultimately, the film comes full circle in an awe-inspiring climax when past and present collide to bring a fulfilling end to the story.

Aamir Khan proves his versatility as an actor yet again, playing not one, not two but three roles in this film. As Sanjay Singhania, the savvy corporate honcho, he is polite, yet has a brisk and efficient air to him (a lot like his real life self). As 'Sachin', a struggling actor romancing Kalpana he plays the shy and unassuming everyman, albeit one replete with both confidence and sincerity. And finally, most notably, he plays the post-amnesiac Sanjay, an almost insane inhuman monster, a killing machine consumed by rage and bloodlust, haunted by shattered memories and yet lost, confused and disoriented whenever his periodic memory loss kicks in. Perhaps one of the best scenes in the film is one early on where, waking up at home, Sanjay wanders through his house clueless, having no idea where he is, until he reaches a mirror on which is written a note which tells him to remove his T-shirt whereupon he sees the tattoos that remind him of his lover's death and his quest to avenge her and cause him to be suddenly overpowered by rage and a desire for vengeance-a transition which we observe several times over the course of the film. Asin does a pretty good job as the bubbly and vivacious Kalpana, making her a likable character who's brutal murder does create the impact on the audience's mind which makes us truly sympathise with Sanjay's quest. Jiah Khan does okay as the medical student who gets dragged into Sanjay's quest for revenge while Pradeep Rawat may come across as an over-the-top clichéd bad guy in his role as the titular 'Ghajini'-but it works well for the story, believe it or not.

This film is actually two films in that the darker 'present day sequences' of Sanjay's orgies of violence seem to belong to an entirely different genre from the lighter comedic flashback sequences, though the shattering of Sanjay's happy past life makes us understand the driving force behind his present day violence. The style of music, dialogue and even settings for both sets of sequences is drastically different as a result-where on one hand you have fancy office blocks, garden parties and the beach side, on the other hand you have seedy back lanes and darkened parking lots.

On the whole despite a few ridiculous plot holes, Ghajini is definitely one of the most entertaining, if not one of the best, films of Bollywood in recent years.


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