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The Recruit Dubbed Hindi Movie Free Download Torrent

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The Recruit Dubbed Hindi Movie Free Download Torrent

A brilliant young CIA trainee is asked by his mentor to help find a mole in the Agency. James Clayton is one of the top prospects in the new crop of CIA recruits. His intelligence and unconventional attitude attract the attention of veteran Walter Burke who squires him through the Agency's difficult training courses and helps him to quickly rise through the ranks. Clayton is then given a special assignment, to root out a suspected mole that has infiltrated the Agency. What do I say about this movie? Well.... I thought it was wonderful. Al and Colin did a great job together. I am a huge fan of his and I have talked to quite a few of his fans and they do agree with me this is an excellent movie. I have only seen a few of his movies ( Ha-Ha ) and this one is truly the best of them all. Now if they had only let him speak like he normally does, I think the movie could have been much better but regardless he is a great actor in this movie. It is really hard to write ten lines on this movie regardless if I love it and actually own it and couldn't part with it. What else do I say about this movie to take up more line so I can post this for others to read and want to watch it to see if they agree? Well... times almost up so I will say this about it... See it! this thing isn't worth watching...blase...if you want to watch a law enforcement Mentor movie watch Denzel in Training Day....if you must have a spy mentor type flick then watch Redford and Brad Pitt in Spy Game...there was no reason to make this film and even less reason to pay money to go see it. But by the end the audience, along with Clayton, has been jerked around so many times that it's almost too exhausting...By then, it's almost impossible to care.


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