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He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Full Movie Download

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He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Full Movie Download

Prince Adam is the son of King Randor and Queen Marlena, the royal rulers of the planet Eternia. What the King and Queen and his friend do not know is Adam is the most powerful man in the universe known as "He-Man", a mighty warrior, who with the use of his weapon, the sword of Greyskull, and with help from his companions, loyal soldier Man-At-Arms, his daughter Teela, the lovable Orco and He-Man's pet tiger Battlecat, He-Man fights the evil Skeletor and his henchman who bid to rule Eternia and discover the secrets of Greyskull, the mysterious castle where He-Man discovered the sword of Greyskull and received his special powers. In a distant and mystical land, wimpy Prince Adam leads the life of royalty. Unknown to all but a few close friends/allies, Prince Adam is actually a hero, the mighty He-Man. Together with his friends, (such as Teela; her father, a man-at-arms; mysterious Orko and his mighty friend/horse substitute Battle Cat), He-Man battles the evil Skeletor and his minions for control of the world, and, more importantly, for the control, power and "honor of Greyskull," the mysterious castle from which He-Man derives his powers. Yo, Even though i was born when this series began, i still remember that it kicked some major ass...networks like the cartoon network should bring this, and She-ra back to life! My favorite characters were Orcho, basically because he was just goofy...and that bad guy from She-ra that i can't remember his name.....the goof....oh well...but bring back She-ra and He-man!! I don't know if I have a fonder childhood memory than that of He-Man. I was five when He-Man reached its popularity peak, and I can still remember how EVERYONE in my pre-school class brought their action figures to class (the greatest action figures of all time, by the way).

He-Man to me is the ULTIMATE mid-eighties nostalgia trip. I still remember episodes where Skelator AND Hordak ganged up on He-Man, and the emotional anguish it caused me (for half an hour, anyway). If you grew up in the eighties, you're sure to have seen at least one episode of He-Man.

P.S. Ditch the Dolph Lungren movie. It sucks.


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