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Durham County Full Movie In Hindi 720p

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Durham County Full Movie In Hindi 720p

They say there's only six degrees of separation between you and anyone else in the world, but sometimes it's not even that. Sometimes the most brutal evil you can imagine is already in your world. Sometimes he's just across the street. Durham County is an emotionally powerful six one hour dramatic series that revolves around Detective Mike Sweeney and his family as he hunts a serial killer he's certain is the guy across the street. You'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference between the cop and the killer or between them and you. They have a shared history, one that goes all the way back to high school. You think you can leave your past behind. But you can't... I was really enjoying this series, detailed non obvious crime drama with a great visual flare and above all an interesting and believable script, till the 5th episode and then it seemed to change unexplainedly. Suddenly the actors were saying and doing things which seemed contrived and out of character. Suddenly we get these groaner moments that defy belief in the situation and importantly the characters. and if you check the director in the IMDb its that the director changes for episode 5 onward.

in the second series it made the jump to completely implausible and in a tense crime drama you can't have that. Ray, a mentally unstable patient awaiting trial on murder and rape charges is allowed to wander around in a large room un monitored and to interact with one of his victims??? who came up with that piece of fantasy?

kinda disappointing after such a strong start, interesting characters and intriguing script. Detective Mike Sweeney (Hugh Dillon) is on the hunt for murderers. His wife Audrey (Hélène Joy) is suffering from the diagnose of cancer. He suspects his childhood rival Ray Prager eventually involving the children of the two struggling families.

It's got some of the best visual motif in a strictly Canadian TV production. It takes the everyday suburban landscapes like electrical towers and turn them into something creepy. That's the first impression from the show. This show lasted 3 seasons with 6 episodes each. Sometimes the pace does lag a little. Sometimes the story gets complicated especially trying to keep track of the relationships of the minor characters. The acting is acceptable with some standouts like Hugh Dillon, Helene Joy, Laurence Leboeuf, and Louis Ferreira in the first season. It's cool crime drama.


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