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Aryan: Unbreakable Tamil Dubbed Movie Free Download

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Aryan: Unbreakable Tamil Dubbed Movie Free Download

Aryan, a young boxer, gives up the sport after he marries his sweetheart. However, years later, circumstances force him to revive his career and win back the respect of his loved ones. Aryan, a boxer, and his coach Ranvir Singh. Aryan dreams of winning a national award, but ends up in love with Neha and they end up married and with a child. This forces Aryan to looks for a job of a sports commentator which again puts him in touch with his former coach. Who invites him back to the ring and to fulfill his long cherished desire of winning the national award at which point his wife leaves him. Aryan is a about a Boxers life how he stops boxing cause of the family situation and finds out how hard it is to get a job if U don't have a education. Mostly the point in the movie is that if You have a dream then Go For It, doesn't matter what it takes.

Aryan is not a great movie, but a good movie to watch a Friday night. The movie has nothing great to offer than its stylish, ordinary songs but good acting from specially Sohail Khan. Sneha is OK, but still need a lot of acting classes, cause Bollywood is packed with Beauties but not talent.

Aryan IS NO ROCKY, and don't even try to compare it cause you will regret watching Aryan , cause Rocky is a master piece.

****SPOILER**** There is Specially one scene in Aryan which is touching when Sohail Khans Neighbor goes to Sneha's family to tell Sneha that the Noicy Aryan is all quite all day long, No Music or TV or Laughing, the only thing she hears is Aryan crying. This scene is great and small scenes like this make the movie good.

The Villain in the movie is good as well, don't know his name but he did a lot of training to do this role.

Overall an OK movie and I give it a 8 cause of a good attempt. After watching the trailer of this movie, i ended up watching it last week. The trailer gave me an impression that this was going to be a copy of Cinderella man and so it was!...Irrespective of that, being a sohail khan fan i really liked the movie however i felt sneha ullal needs some more time to mature into a nice actress, for me she is the prettiest actress in the bollywood industry but as far as acting is concerned, i couldn't see any reality..Keeping all things aside, this is an okay movie which can be watched once and once again i loved sohail khan's expressions at certain moments..As far as the story was concerned, it was too obvious for my liking. If u haven't seen Cinderella man though, u will end up really loving this movie...


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