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The Accountant Tamil Pdf Download

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The Accountant Tamil Pdf Download

Christian Wolff is an efficient accountant that is usually hired to find financial deceptions and embezzlement for criminal organizations. His point of contact is a woman's voice by phone and the means of payment are sometimes valuable paintings or gold bars instead of money. Christian was an autistic child that received a rigid military training with his brother Braxton from their paranoid military father. The director of the Treasure Department Raymond "Ray" Kinghas been unsuccessfully hunting The Accountant for a long period and he blackmails the efficient analyst Marybeth Medina to identify who he is before his retirement. When the accountant, Dana Cummings, finds an embezzlement of 61 million-dollars in the Living Robotics, Christian is hired to audit the company by the owner Lamar Blackburn and his sister Rita Blackburn. The financial director Ed Chilton tells that Dana committed a mistake but soon Christian checks the books and confirms the embezzlement. During the night, Chilton is murdered as if he had committed suicide and Lamar finishes the audit affecting Christian that have not finished his work. Soon Dana and Chris are hunted down by hitmen and Christian protects her. Meanwhile Medina finds his true identity and Christian is hunted by Ray and the FBI. Who might be the person behind the embezzlement? As a math savant uncooks the books for a new client, the Treasury Department closes in on his activities, and the body count starts to rise. Well he is all about the numbers and very good at it. But the movie itself has a lot to offer. Mostly in the action/stunt department. You can see quite a few things and predict them coming. That doesn't change the impact they are having on the movie watching experience. Also Anna Kendrick is in this.

Alright maybe not everyone is as amazed by her presence as I am, but I did not make that part of my rating. I would have gone higher if I had (no pun intended). And while she is sort of the Damsel in distress, she also carries her own weight character wise. There is a reason Ben Afflecks character does what he does of course and why he seems so cold from the outside. It's almost as if he saw Heat and took De Niros advice to heart ... Almost "As a math savant uncooks the books for a new client, the Treasury Department closes in on his activities and the body count starts to rise." Now this is a movie we can definitely relate to. After all, Aspergers Syndrome and Autism is what Jay and Nick (The Autistic Reviewers) have, and my god...what a great performance Ben Affleck pulls off on acting as an autistic man! Christian Wolff is exactly how people with Autism behave. Not aware of other people's feelings, and always doing things their way instead of the "human" way or the "right" way. In the end what people struggle to realize in the end is that people with Autism always get the job done, but it has to be done their way, hence why they get fired, go from job to job etc.

Ben Affleck's performance was way better than being in Pearl Harbour. Heck, he's better in this movie than he is at playing Batman. Anna Kendrick's performance is good. She wasn't playing the typical, over the top "annoying" girl...she was really serious in this one. J.K. Simmons was great, but with very little screen time. Would've been to see more of him. Haven't seen John Lithgow in a lot of movies these days, and he once again proves he is a good actor.

The movie is predictable, but it moves along at a fast pace always keeping you intrigued or just enjoying the action and suspense. We highly recommend it. No Oscars for this movie, but it's still a great movie nonetheless. GO and see it or buy it. 4/5 stars- 8/10. Check us out on facebook- The Autistic Reviewers. While “Jason Bourne meets Temple Grandin” might sound like an interesting idea for a studio write-off, “James Bond meets Michael Clayton meets Rain Man meets all of their friends and enemies” is a dull movie that’s too full of distractions to pay out any dividends.


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