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Leave It To The Irish 720p Movies

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Leave It To The Irish 720p Movies

Private Investigator Terry Moran (Wanda McKay) the daughter of Police Detective Tim O'Brien (Jack La Rue), owner of the Black Swan Club and dealer in stolen goods and ordered to quit the case. Later, Terry and Nora search Hamilton's warehouse after they find a bill of sale for a large quantity of liquor, and discover that stolen furs have been substituted for the liquor. Forcing his way into Maletti's office, Terry discovers Maletti dead and he is hit over the head. He comes to to find the police accusing him of the murder. You can't expect much from films from Monogram or PRC, but on occasion, you will get more than you bargained for. Here, in this comedy/mystery, it is fairly obvious "who done it", but getting there is the fun part. The film starts off with two adults playing with what looks like a rubber crab that moves on its own with just the flick of a finger, then heads into a very funny scene with leading man James Dunn in a pawn shop. Dunn, a private investigator involved with Wanda McCay, one of the participants in the rubber crab game, has planned to take her out for the evening, but gets waylayed in mystery by a beautiful woman whose husband has either died accidentally or been murdered. From there, Dunn has no choice but to involve McKay who insists on tagging along after Dunn's gun is taken away and he is framed for murder. McKay ironically is the daughter of the police chief who objects to Dunn being involved in the investigation. There's not much more than this, but in just a running time over an hour, there are enough pleasant comedy bits to forgive the obvious predictability, and the pace speeds along quite fast. LEAVE IT TO THE IRISH – 1944

MONOGRAM STUDIO's strikes out again with this low-rent attempt at comedy. James Dunn headlines as Private Investigator Terry Moran. His girl, Wanda McKay, is the daughter of the local Irish American Chief of Police, Art Loft. Also getting screen time is long time screen villain, Jack La Rue. (playing a gangster of course) Dick Purcell plays another Irish cop and rounding out the cast are, Vince Barnett as Dunn's friendly bar keep, and Barbara Woodell.

The film starts off with Dunn trying to pawn his pistol for a bit of cash. He is broke, and wants to take his squeeze, McKay out for a dinner and drinks. Instead of a night out, Dunn is hired by Barbara Woodell to look into the death of her husband. The penny-less P.I. is soon on the case when Woodell flashes a few bills in-front of his nose.

There are plenty of red herrings thrown at the viewer. Unfortunately, for the film's producers, none of these fool the viewer for an instant. The plot is easy to follow and rather boring. Worse than the mediocre story are the terrible so called comedy bits. Not a laugh in the entire runtime. Stolen furs hidden in empty booze cases, bad guys bumping each other off, Dunn getting arrested by his future father in-law etc.

The director of this thankfully short mess, (64 Min) was William "One Shot" Beaudine. Beaudine was a popular director for bottom end producers like MONOGRAM and P.R.C. as he seldom ever did retakes. This saved the studios money on negative costs.

Oscar winner, James Dunn, (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn) had a long career in film and television spanning from 1929 to 1968.


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