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Louisiana Hayride Hd Mp4 Download

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Louisiana Hayride Hd Mp4 Download

Judy Crocker (Judy Canova), a hill-billy girl, strikes it rich when an oil company takes an option on her farm. She meets up with two confidence men, J. Huntington McMasters (Richard Lane) and Canada Brown (George McKay) and discovering she can sing, they sell her $3,000 worth of stock in a film called "Louisiana Hayride," which will star her. Arriving in Hollywood, Judy, her mother Maw Crocker (Minerva Urecal) and Jed Crocker (Matt Willis), her gun-totin' brother, find McMasters and Brown living in an expensive hotel. They try to get away but Judy and Jeb catch them. Judy tells them she wants to invest more money, and she agrees to pay them $3,000 a week. However, Judy doesn't know the name of the studio and she makes the rounds. A guard at one studio mistakes her as the singer who was being sent from the casting office and allows her to go in. She does the number and creates a great impression. "Louisiana Hayride" goes into production and, when it is finished, McMasters receives a generous offer for the distribution rights...but things start popping; They find that the plot of the film was stolen, the oil options payments will be stopped and the distributing offer is withdrawn. But not all is lost...the director of the picture in which Judy accidentally appeared signs her to a contract, and the police arrest McMasters and Brown for previous swindles. Two con men dupe a country bumpkin into giving them all of her money under the pretense that they'll make her a movie star. She and her family eventually track them in Hollywood, still unaware they're being taken. The crooked pair enlist the help of a bellboy posing as a director and arrange for a fake screen test for the girl. Five years before that other Judy (Garland) sang a barbershop choir version of "Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey" in "In the Good Old Summertime", that other singin' Judy yodeled it in this Columbia B musical in a way that is just as memorable as Garland's. She also yodels "Shortnin' Bread" in a manner that Ethel Mae Potter would envy. The film itself is enjoyable fluff, another variation of "The Butter and Egg Man" which had multiple versions at Warner Brothers. Those expecting the song that Nanette Fabray sang in "The Band Wagon", will be disappointed.

Canova is a motor lodge owner who is conned into turning over $3000 to two fast talking shysters (Richard Lane and Matt Willis) whom she follows to Hollywood in an effort to break into the movies, leading them to rent out offices on poverty row. But utilizing an ambitious bellboy (a very young Ross Hunter in his pre-producing days) puts a con on the con-men, as does the presence of a supposed Broadway investor who begins courting Canova's Marjorie Main like mother (Minerva Urecal). Hobart Cavanaugh, as Judy's brother, has a few corny moments doing animal sounds. It's an entertaining, if somewhat corny, light-hearted musical comedy with a few unresolved issues but plenty of laughs, some great musical numbers (including one Canova sings on a train) and a terrific cast. Naming the film after the well-known tune and yet neglecting to include it in the movie is one of several missteps perpetrated in this weak entry in the corn fed Judy Canova oeuvre. In this precursor to any number of episodes from "The Beverly Hillbillies," "Gomer Pyle," "Petticoat Junction," or "Green Acres," Judy Canova plays an oil rich hillbilly targeted by a couple of big-city grifters who convince her that they are a pair Hollywood producers eager to make her into a star. Thinking she is investing in her own career, the trusting bumpkin willingly finances the entire endeavor out of her millions and high-tails it to La-La Land with family in tow.

What follows next stumbles down a familiar path that is as predictable as it is unfunny. The only surprise evident is in discovering how many opportunities are lost for comic Hollywood satire and fish-out-of-water mix-ups. Still, Canova is, as ever, a charming and energetic performer who is always better than her material. Though there are few laughs to be had, Canova does get to sing (rather nicely) several undistinguished original songs along with a few recognizable standards.

Canova is seen to better advantage in many other films (my favorite, 1941's "Sis Hopkins") and her stock hillbilly character seems to have been the inspiration for Carol Burnett's "Ozark Annie" from the TV series "Get Smart." Folks who think Judy Canova was perhaps a one-trick pony should seek out the "Party Line" episode of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" where she shines in an unsympathetic dramatic role.


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