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The Death Rides The Range Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

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The Death Rides The Range Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

This film finds Ken Baxter and his two pals, Pancho and Panhandle, finding Professor Wahl, injured and wandering on the range. They take him to Blue Mesa Trading Post, where two archaeologists, Dr. Floto and Baron Starkoff, foreign government representatives, are staying. Both want to secure control of a supply of helium gas found in an ancient Indian cave. Wahl, working for the Federal Government, is murder at the Blue Mesa. The land strip on which the cave is located is claimed by Letty and Jim Morgan, brother and sister owners of the Lazy Y Ranch. Tin Cup Ranch owner Joe Larkin hires Ken to take possession of a cabin on the Morgan land in order to gain title. Ken, an undercover G-Man, discovers a secret passageway from the cabin that leads to the cave and discovers the helium, and also that Larkin is working with Starkoff. Unknown to the Morgan's, a secret mine on their ranch contains helium. Larkin knows of the helium and is after the ranch so he can sell the helium to foreign agent Strakoff. Ken finds the mine and the helium and sets out to help the Morgans. Death Rides the Range (1939)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

Ken Baxter (Ken Maynard) and his pals are out camping when they notice a body fall. They take it to a local doctor who refuses to deal with the man until the dying man tries to give the location of something. Ken wants to find out who killed the man and it turns out there's a piece of property with helium on it as well as some foreign agents.

DEATH RIDES THE RANGE is a pretty poor "C" Western from the days where you probably had two or three of these types of films being released weekly. This one here has all of the Western settings but they also mix in elements of a crime picture, a melodrama and an adventure. There's quite a bit going on in the 55 minute running time but sadly none of it is all that entertaining.

I think the film tries to do way too much and in the end it doesn't get much of anything done. Characters come and go without too much reasons why. We get all sorts of action scenes that are rather good, although you'll notice that the same hill is used several times for people to fall down it. The performances are bland at best, although Maynard is slightly entertaining in his role. "Death Rides the Range" is a routine Poverty Row quickie starring the aging Ken Maynard and his horse Tarzan. In an effort to prop up the story, Maynard is given two sidekicks, Panhandle (Ralph Peters) and Pancho (Julian Rivero) who provide some of the best moments in the film. It didn't hurt either to have veteran bad guy Charlie King cast as one of the villains.

The story has a thinly disguised WWII plot wherein unknown villains are trying to steal helium gas (for dirigibles) found in a secret cave on the Morgan Ranch. Along comes Ken Baxter (Maynard) and his two pals looking for work. They come across an injured archaeologist Dr. Wahl (Michael Vallon) and bring him to the ranch of cantankerous old Hiram Crabtree (John Elliott). There we meet Wahl's other two partners Baron Stakoff (Sven Hugo Borg) and Dr. Flotow (William Costello). Wahl mutters something about finding a lost cave but is murdered by an unknown assailant before he can reveal more.

Next we meet rancher Joe Larkin (King) who is engaged in a dispute over a strip of land upon which sits (you guessed it) the hidden cave is located. The other party in the dispute are the Morgans, Lettie (Fay McKenzie) and Jim (Julian Madison). Naturally Ken has an eye for the comely Lettie. It turns out that Larkin is in cahoots with the archaeologists. Soon Dr. Flotow is eliminated and Ken closes in on the bad guys.

Although the need for helium for dirigibles was a little dated by 1940 this film has an obvious ruthless "foreign" villain, a thinly disguised German, interesting for a "B" western since the U.S. had not yet entered WWII.

Ken Maynard had been a major star in the 1920's famous for his trick riding and daring subnetwork. Unfortunately he had a few too many personal demons and his career steadily declined during the 1930s. This film is from his final solo starring series. He would re-surface briefly over weight and as nasty as ever in the 40s in Monogram's "Trail Blazer" with Hoot Gibson and Bob Steele. After that he basically "retired" from the screen.


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