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Download Full Movie 2 Guns In Hindi

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Download Full Movie 2 Guns In Hindi

Robert Trench, an undercover DEA agent, takes advantage of gunman Michael Stigman's idea to rob a bank to bust him and a mob boss. However, it proves too successful with much more money seized than anticipated with Trench's forces not stopping the getaway. Complicating things still more, Stigman turns out to be a Naval Intelligence agent who shoots Trench and takes the money. The interservice debacle suddenly finds Trench and Stigman in a bloody web of corrupt clandestine rivalries as they are hunted, blackmailed and isolated for the money on both sides of the law. Now, the fugitives must work together to find a way out of this situation with no one to turn to but themselves. Two hardened criminals get into trouble with the US border patrol after meeting with a Mexican drug lord, and then revelations start to unfold. Good exciting plot with several unexpected twists until things inevitably fall apart. Overall, the idea is great - very entertaining repartee between the two leads, repeated, and then unfortunately repeated several more times, until it isn't entertaining at all.

The casting was first rate and they performed their tasks admirably. The script was the problem - not their fault. I especially liked Edward James Olmos as the Mexican drug lord they are trying to entrap.


The ending reminded me of the ending of Blazing Saddles instead of the balls-out Tarentino-like firestorm the director intended.

Gave it 9 stars for the first half, 3 stars for the second. Averages out to 6... I am a big fan of the Action genre and I do realize that the director and producer would need to take liberties with how their pictures' heroes can miraculously escape not 2 guns, but in one particular case, hundreds of guns (on a secure military base with hundreds of security personnel behind locked gates to boot) including machine guns.

The plot is about two tough guys (thus the movie title 2 Guns) played by Denzel Washington as Bobby,and Mark Wahlberg as Stig, who come together to rob a bank of 3 million dollars, when in fact they end up withdrawing over 42 million dollars. Slowly we find out that Denzel is actually a Drug Enforcement officer and Mark Wahlberg is a navy special operations soldier.

Denzel has a love interest in Paula Patton as Debbie, who comes in and out of the films storyline. What I liked about the film is the two main characters Bobby and Stig were being chased by three different groups of bad guys who wanted the loot. The first group of bad guys was led by Bill Paxton, as Earl, a maniacal interrogator who represents the CIA and owner of the money that was taken by Bobby and Stig in the bank robbery, The second group of bad guys is led by the great character actor James Edward Olmos (Best known for the 70's TV series Miami Vice) as Papi Greco a drug trafficking Mexican kingpin. The third group of bad guys is led by James Marsden who plays Quince a Navy sergeant who is the first to abscond the bankroll but quickly loses the money's where about.

So you would think that with three groups of bad guys chasing Bobby and Stig the audience would see lots of actions and an interesting plot. Well this is where the director Baltasar Kormakur lost me. I found the action scenes to be way over the top Hollywood and I suggest that the film could have saved 50% of the films budget had they just animated the action scenes because they were so phony. A quick summary shows sure shot Stig (Mark Wahlberg) always hitting his target the first time, and the shooters never hitting their targets, namely Stig and Bobby. There is one scene where James Edward Olmos hangs Stig and Bobby upside down and he then takes a baseball bat to their rib cages a dozen times or so. An hour later they are shown walking away without a bruise or a limp as evidence of their beating by the Mexican drug lord James Edward Olmos.

It is a decent time waster, but it probably would not be a film I would pop back in to my Blu Ray player to watch a second time. I give it a 5 out of 10 rating. Kormakur shows he knows his way around an action movie better than most, keeping the pace quick, the banter lively and the old-school, mostly CGI-free thrills delivering right on schedule.


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