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D3: The Mighty Ducks Download Torrent

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D3: The Mighty Ducks Download Torrent

This story focuses mainly on Charley as he veers down the same self-loathing path Gordon took when he was a youth. The Ducks return to their roots in the third installment of this series. Back home in Minnesota. Tieing in with the first episode. After reaching the Top in D2 this story deals with the aftermath and a new phase in their all the team members lives. The Ducks get scholarships to the Prestigous Eden Hall academy. THe beloved Varsity team draws parallels to the Hawks in the 1st installment as the dominant agressor. As they are favored by the powerful members of society and the Ducks are once again seen as the Rag-Tag untraditional team. Shunned by the conservative norm, faced with a new uptight coach and the mounting pressure from the alumus board, the chairman of which is the Varsity team captains father, the obstacles are huge for the Ducks. Can Gordon mentor Charley and veer him away from his current path of self-destruction? Can he teach him that he is the only one capable of leading the Ducks, their one and only captain ? Can the Ducks once again stand up to the conformity and be victourious? The unruly team of hockey misfits grows up a bit and receives scholarships to a prestigious prep school, where they take on the snotty varsity team. This third instalment of the Mighty Ducks hockey trilogy doesn't do the first two justice. Its a god awful movie with a thin plot line, with Emilio Estevez thrown in to attract watchers who expected him to play his previous roles of Mighty ducks coach. His participation in this movie was only a couple of scenes which had me scratching my head. He had the starring role in both previous movies. Sadly, the incorporation of new characters on this team cannot salvage this movie as the poor acting and the terrible skill level of the hockey team in general do not lend itself to any believability. There is absolutely no way a team of this calibre could ever play at the high school or prep school level as this movie depicted and built into a story-line. Disney should have hired actors or at least hockey players to fill in the Ducks team to at least make it somewhat realistic. The Alumni varsity team (the antagonists) were also terrible hockey players and again, it leads to an unrealistic experience for a sports movie. You want to root for the Ducks, but you just can't. They are so bad, they shouldn't even be on the ice. Many of the players, including main actor Joshua Jackson, can barely skate. (most likely they used doubles, it would seem?). As with all sports movies, there is a lesson to be learned here, and its about humility and doing the right thing, but in this case, Disney has done the wrong thing by trying to extend the success of the Duck's movies to this lousy representation of a movie worth watching. NOT RECOMMENDED. I liked the first "Mighty Ducks" movie. It was cute. I saw most of the first sequel. It was...okay. Then I saw "D3: The Mighty Ducks". Suffice it to say that this one is about forty miles south of "sufferable".

The kids here, now admitted to college, are to play on their hockey team on a sports scholarship. However, it's a whole new ball game (so to speak), and they must all (with the exception of one of the kids, now AWOL) face personal loss, a mean-spirited new coach (Nordling), a nasty all-star college hockey team they must face off against on and off the rink and, first and foremost, the lack of involvement of their old coach (Estevez).

Now, what is wrong with this film, you may ask? You sitting down? Okay - this is a pretty downbeat story for a Disney flick, especially when it deals with change, new environments and challenges.

It was NOT a good idea to have the new coach to be such a one-dimensional, unbending jerk and then do a sudden 180 degree turn to be a good guy! What the...?!

The pranks the Ducks pull on the varsity team are so lame that the Delta House would turn their collective nose up at it.

And all the kids are even more cookie cutter, flat-as-the-sidewalk caricatures of teens as you'd find on NBC Saturday morning TV. What a shame.

Even the hockey games fall flat. I mean, how many times can you watch "Rocky" re-generated into every possible sports movie situation ever made? Well, there's always curling....

Long story short, it's not even good as disposable kiddie fare! What can you say about a film when it doesn't even hold up to "Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo"?!!!

And in what would be the last smart career move on his part for a while, Estevez took a smaller role in this movie. If he wanted to make a BRILLIANT career move, he would have backed out altogether.

Oh well.

One star for "D3", for the knowledge that this was the LAST "Ducks" movie. And I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief for that one. I know I will. Adam Banks, confirmed by the visible jersey # 99.


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