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Download The Colombiana Full Movie Tamil Dubbed In Torrent

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Download The Colombiana Full Movie Tamil Dubbed In Torrent

A young woman, after witnessing her parents' murder as a child in Bogota, grows up to be a stone-cold assassin. A young woman grows up to be a stone-cold assassin after witnessing her parents' murder as a child in Bogota. She works for her uncle as a hitman by day, but her personal time is spent engaging in vigilante murders that she hopes will lead her to her ultimate target - the mobster responsible for her parents' death. This is an example of how a pretty good assassin film can also contain reprehensible moral trash, namely that it's perfectly OK to teach kids that violence and murder not only is an integral part of life, but it will make you sexy and hip.

1. Kid's parents get killed because they chose a very very dangerous line of work and they put their kid at risk by having her local. 2. Thug uncle living a life of crime in Chicago had a son who died violently. That kid's room had violence all over the walls, not just Scarface promotionals but ACTUAL GUNS. Gee, what a surprise that he was killed. 3. Same uncle has no problem teaching this little girl to be his assassin, to lose any respect for life she might've regained, and to put her in danger constantly. 4. Oh wait, she said she WANTED TO BE A KILLER. That excuses everything. If our kids have had a hard life and want to be criminals, of course we should let them! 4. Government operatives are inept enough to lose track of a 9 yr old at an international airport. Transit personnel have no problem with young kids FLYING and travelling in general absolutely alone as long as they have a little piece of paper with an address on it. 5. Family members, especially women who have already been broken and used by the asshole men in their sad lives, stand by and watch as children are corrupted.

Now, the action sequences and stealthy tricks were neat, and satisfying for the genre, but this movie, like many, selectively ignores life consequences and focuses on pointless glamgore. At least with movies like La Femme Nikita, we see that the life lived by the young assassin turns out to be, in the end, not as much glamorous as it is cold, cruel, vicious, and unforgiving.

With this piece of schlock, we just have a pretty, deceitful piece of gore porn that will be simply enjoyed without thought by most, but will also be viewed with awe by some semi-retarded angsty adolescent girls who will buy-in a little bit more to the myth of GRRRL POWER that is actually keeping them repressed and separated from any real understanding of responsibility and influence in life. Firstly, though this film may, MAY, rate a four, I'm rating lower to even the field.

I'm amazed at all the positive reviews. Acting is hardly mediocre, most especially the lead. Flat even for a cliché role. And the plot is atrociously contrived and ends up with more holes than the bad guys.

Foremost: Cataleya is not searched after being arrested. You can't plow into a police car, drunk, and expect to see daylight until a very substantial bail is payed in cash AFTER an arraignment. Ohhh, and a jail that has pop-open ventilation grills? Fed Cops put a high risk inmate in a cell without inspecting it first? The list goes on.

Why did the CIA sit idly after letting the Colombian dogs out and not alert the Feds? Did they not think to follow the hounds they set free? Surely at least to have the Feds watch the safehouse as the CIA is jurisdiction bound to operate only off US soil. How and why did the Feds suddenly go from a precinct full of suspects to a drunk woman whose cell picture suddenly becomes a 3D image to verify a match that warrants a swat assault without further surveillance? And does our Heroine get a van inside a CIA safe-house unnoticed by either CIA or the Cartel after poking her hottest buttons? And don't get me started on the extremely weak plot device under the guise of romance that merely opened more plot mayhem.

Luc Besson wrote this? I don't believe that, or maybe he just wanted Uropa stockholders to have a thrill. HaHa,weeeeeeeeeee! Some said this film was action-packed. HUH? The only good action in this film is the first chase scene in Colombia, the rest are canned bang bang pieces.

If the objective is to showcase strong woman in strong roles then don't chop their legs of with a weak plot. Sorry Zoe. While most action films fall apart because they succumb to stupidity, Colombiana suffers most because it tries to be too smart. "The Fade Out Line" by Phoeboe Killdeer & The Short Straws. There are three versions: the U.S. theatrical, the international, and an unrated cut targeted for so-called home theater use in the States. The US theatrical version is most censored to obtain its PG-13 rating (for violence, disturbing images, intense sequences of action, sexuality and brief strong language). It has not been made available for home cinema use. Beside it's US theatrical release, the PG-13 version is only available as rental DVD in the USA or as Video on Demand. It has been heavily censored from its original version.

The European theatrical version was longer, leaving some intensive scenes. The Unrated version is approximately four minutes longer than the international version and features some extended action and story sequences.


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