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5 Headed Shark Attack Movie Download In Hd

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5 Headed Shark Attack Movie Download In Hd

A four headed shark makes the Puerto Rico coast his private buffet as he chomps on models, photographers, surfers at a surf competition, plus the beach bunnies at the competition on the beach. The police and the aquarium team are at a loss as one by one the 4 headed, now a 5 headed shark , with jaws and a head now at its tail are taking them out now. Will man defeat beast? Who will survive? Shaped like a demented starfish, a monster 5-headed shark terrorizes the open ocean before invading the beaches of Puerto Rico, endangering the once peaceful island paradise. We start with a cover graphic that can not count to five. It shows five fierce shark heads where, in this film there are only for on the front of the fish. I say 'suicide by shark' for good reason. Of course the shark heads must be 'fed' by unlucky actors but how about just a tad of creativity! We know it is suicide by shark to stand at the very tip of the boat, leaning toward the water, look for the shark while at the same time you might as well wear an 'eat me' sign. Or tip toe along the edge of a small craft, hardly able to keep your balance so that falling into the water is certain.

The project head, Thaddeus, wants to catch the shark. He takes his mostly eye-candy crew and, so far as I could tell, not a shred of equipment he would need to capture the shark if it swam to the boat and said 'take me.'

Red was the shark hunter type character from Jaws. Sadly he was given the silliest lines in the film. Does anyone see the shark, know where it is? And, my favorite, he's still alive... bullets won't kill him..... this after he handed out guns and has his crew shooting. Why, if bullets are useless?

Worst is the use of hand guns to kill any large monster. Red gives a girl a hand gun while others get rifles. The two cope on the police boat can have any weapon they wish. What do they choose against the beast....yup...little bitty pistols. There is nothing sillier then using and shooting little pistols at any large, thick skinned beast. Red was, of course right, bullets can not kill the beast. Boats are under attack for ten minutes before the cop calls for help. Someone said there were five writers. If true then they needed 8 or 10 to easily fix the above, unnecessary fails. On the plus side there were fun moments, especially the opening shark attack where all four 'major' heads decide its meal time! Before I begin my critique- no my appraisal of this masterpiece, let me shed some light about a serious issue. The underappreciated of genre of 'Sharkterrorism' is one that has plagued our film industry, with box office hit singles such as 'Sharknado' and 'Sharkzilla'. 5 Headed Shark Attack is the next step, a revolution, of marine organism entertainment. When I stumbled upon this movie, I thought 'Who the f*** is so sad to make a movie about 5- Headed Sharks?". But something magical spellbound me- as I spent 5 hours re watching the movie, I reached unparalleled levels of euphoria. I have ascended to a different dimension as a result of this movie- it has enlightened my lonely Single Christmas into a date (with my right hand).

This movie has changed my life. Hence I would definitely recommend this.


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