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The Test Online Free

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The Test Online Free

A fur trapper catches another trapper trying to steal his furs. He stops the thief, but later on the furs are stolen anyway. Rin Tin Tin Jr. tracks down the thief to try to get the furs back. Rinnie is asked to guard the furs of his master, fur trapper Brule Conway. When Rinnie is lured away by another female dog, Conway's winter furs are stolen by Black Wolf, a henchman for the French-Canadian trapper Pepite La Joie. After a series of adventures, Rinnie masterfully captures the evil doers and returns with the furs, winning the hearts of all. In an impartial assessment of this picture I would consider it as a below average low-budget actioner, and probably give it about four stars out of ten. It features flaccid direction and poor acting - Grant Withers demonstrates his usual lack of charisma as the hero, and Monte Blue overacts as the villain. Although the locations are scenic and photographed adequately, any virtue in this was probably lost on me due to the poor quality of the print I viewed.

However, knowing that this film was made before regulations regarding the treatment of animals were incorporated into the production code, it is impossible for me to be impartial about it. Now I don't know how this picture was made, and it is possible that the depictions of animal cruelty it contains were a carefully orchestrated illusion, but in the knowledge of what went on at the time in the absence of production code regulations, and the fact that we are looking at a low-budget feature from a company I never heard of, I cannot view this film without great unease. In any event, these scenes are very unpleasant and I rate this film accordingly. **SPOILERS** Outdoors adventure flick in the Yukon/Klondike territory involving Rin Tin Tin Jr, Rinnie, getting a second chance in redeeming himself after he fell down on the job in letting the thieving French Canadian trapper Pepite La Jolie steal his master's, the ruggedly handsome Brule Conway, furs.

Using a female dog Annette to distract Rinnie form doing his job and thus letting his guard down Pepite & Co, Black Wolf and Donovan, grabbed Brule furs leaving him high and dry. Brule having his dog Rinnie track down the fur thieves later ends up trapping Pepite in the very traps that he set for him.

It wasn't that easy for Rinnie to finally track down Pepite in that he not only was constantly shot at by the fleeing fur thieve but was almost drowned in his attacking Peite on his boat as he tried to batter the courageous German Shepard with one of the boat ores. The dangerous cat and mouse, or dog and human, game ended with Pepite after trying to trap Rinnie ended up getting mauled and bear trapped as Rinnie, literally coming back from the dead, ambushed him in the cold and snowy north woods.

In the end Brule with the help of Rinnie got his furs back together with the very valuable and rare blue fox pelt that his girl Beth McVey wanted so badly. The same fur which Pepite heisted from Brule and wanted to use to get Beth romantically involved with him. Rinnie also ended up getting the girl, Annette, but only after he turned the tables on those, Peptie & Co, who used her for their own greedy and selfish purposes.


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