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Tomorrowland Download Movie Free

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Tomorrowland Download Movie Free

Casey Newton is a genius who dreams of one day going up into space. She's sure she'll get her chance because her father works at the NASA launch center at Cape Canaveral. But when the place is being closed down, Casey sneaks in and tries to stop them from doing that by sabotaging the equipment. She is caught and thrown in jail, when she's released and her personal effects are given to her, among them is a pin which she says is not hers. When she touches it, she finds in a futuristic city. When the pin runs out of energy, she wants to go back so she finds online someone who might know something about it. She goes there and when she talks to the people there, they ask her who gave it to her. When she says she doesn't know, they don't believe her and refuse to let her leave. Eventually they reveal themselves to be armed with advanced weapons. They try to shoot her but someone saves her and she discovers the ones who attacked her are robots. The one who saved her introduces herself as Athena. She says that Casey needs to help save the future. She takes Casey to meet a man named Frank Walker. When she sees him, he refuses to help. But when they are attacked by more robots, they try to go to the place she saw. Bound by a shared destiny, a bright, optimistic teen bursting with scientific curiosity and a former boy-genius inventor jaded by disillusionment embark on a danger-filled mission to unearth the secrets of an enigmatic place somewhere in time and space that exists in their collective memory as "Tomorrowland." Disney's conspicuously insistent ad campaign – more, more, MORE! – suggested a lack of confidence in their product, and while it hasn't sunk like John Carter, the relative failure of Brad Bird's latest is another nail in the coffin of original action-adventure movie-making, already incinerating plans for Tron 3, and likely setting the company's focus solely on stuff with "Star Wars" in the title for years to come.

This is a pity because, while not flawless, there is so much to enjoy in this intelligent, exuberant sci-fi epic, written by Bird and Damon "Lost" Lindelof. It's certainly a darn sight more interesting than that bloated Avengers behemoth in the next auditorium. Perhaps its sequel-less fate will see it claim cult status in years to come.

The luminous Britt Robertson gets the insta-star treatment, playing Casey Newton, a bright young optimist who stumbles upon a pin badge which gives her a preview of a parallel world. That world is Tomorrowland, a place where the greatest minds – scientists, inventors, artists – have created a utopian metropolis. (Old Walt himself was one such mind; overtones of fascism are skilfully evaded here.) Casey tracks down Frank Walker (George Clooney), an ex-denizen of Tomorrowland, now jaded and cynical. Together they are chased by a group of creepy robot agents (think Agent Smith with a rictus grin) into the threatened utopia, and into Frank's sorrowful past. Hope and optimism are all that can save the world.

This is a big, passionate movie, full of energy and earnestness, and never self-mocking. I thoroughly enjoyed its 80s-influenced sense of adventure. Indeed, Bird's direction is reminiscent of a youthful Spielberg, combining simplicity with thrilling flashes of virtuosity. The attack on Frank's booby-trapped house is a dizzyingly inventive sequence on multiple levels.

Tomorrowland is morally upright, although perhaps its heavy central message is a hard sell for youngsters. It's basically a cautionary tale about media responsibility in influencing public consciousness. Hugh Laurie gets a dramatic final speech which is laughably preachy, but the guy has a point; and it puts his character, and the whole concept of Tomorrowland, into an ethical grey area. A two-hour-plus Disney sci-fi movie where the bad guy is the misappropriation of laudable ambitions? Quite a challenge for the marketing guys.

Offsetting this philosophical weightiness is a determined focus on awe-inspiring wonder. Yet Spielberg managed this in a single shot of a lagoon in Jurassic Park, so, without wishing to sound ungrateful, do we really need scene after scene of whooshing, swooping, and whizzing around this exquisite CGI cityscape? Perhaps Disney could have halved the budget – and thus their imminent losses – and focused instead on the ideas and moral quandaries of the narrative. Plot-wise it's exposition-heavy, but this is made up for with bags of visual invention and some engaging characters.

In particular there is a lovely niece-and-uncle chemistry between the adorable Casey and the grizzled Frank. Less well sketched are the relationships between Casey and her father (Tim McGraw), and Walker and his childhood sweetheart, Athena (Raffey Cassidy). But Tomorrowland is all about the central odd couple, and their encounters with Laurie's misguided David Nix. This is where the beating heart of this appealingly imperfect and delightfully ambitious movie can be found: in those who look upon Tomorrowland with very different eyes. When I saw a preview scene introduced by Mr. Bird, I was all hyped about this movie. It was the scene at Frank's house, which gave me the goonie bumps. Couldn't wait for tomorrow...

Fast forward to today, seen the movie, let it cool down. The feeling now is quite the opposite. I was in for the adventure, not for the overbearing message. In short, it's the American dream packaged in a Disney vessel, ergo my summary.

I tried to look beyond it, see the adventure, be 10 again and dream...

The acting isn't great, a bit flat on character. Clooney tries, almost get's there. Britt Robertson is an adequate rebellious youth but sometimes irritating by being too good.

Although 'Frank' gives a subtle remark regarding Edison's presence, just leave him out please. I know his mannequin is there, but stop crediting this man, stop using this false history, it reminds me of the adage 'history is written by the victors'... But I'm too old and cynical I guess. I probably will not be invited to Tomorrowland. Which could be a good thing, considering the other analogy you could make about being selected for the promised land.

Grievances aside, there are good parts like the house scene, the Eiffel tower connection and Athena.

I go to movies to be taken away to that other place, this one didn't take off, sadly. Bird has crafted a gorgeous world rife with creativity and inventive images. A Spielbergian sense of candid awe and wonder permeates each scene with a nostalgic edge. There is a very short scene shown after the credits. See here or here for more info. There was originally an alternate scene planned featuring Samuel L Jackson. For more info see here.


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