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The Nice Guys Full Movie Torrent

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The Nice Guys Full Movie Torrent

In 1970s Los Angeles, a mismatched pair of private eyes investigate a missing girl and the mysterious death of a porn star. Los Angeles, 1978. Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) is a private investigator, of sorts. He is the man you call when someone needs to be given a message, violently. Holland March (Ryan Gosling) is more legit, and conventional, taking cases involving tracking down missing persons and the like. Their paths cross when porn star Misty Mountains dies in a car crash. Misty's aunt hires March after she believes that Misty is still alive. Their investigations lead them to a young woman named Amelia, and a massive conspiracy plot. I got to the local movie house to see this latest action-comedy from writer/director Shane Black over the weekend, which I refer to as "Chinatown" meets "Boogie Nights".

Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe team up as a bumbling PI and, I really don't know how to describe Crowe's character - he just sorta beats up dudes who harass little girls - for cash!

Like the aforementioned "Chinatown", the film is a period murder mystery detective story set in LA, including political corruption, and like "Boogie Nights", it's a comedy set in the 1970's porn industry!

Gosling is very funny, and Crowe is too, in a different sorta way as a washed-up bloated almost Orson Welles-ish version of himself! The real star here though is the young actress who played Gosling's daughter. She steals every scene she's in, and I definitely see stardom in her near future.

Definite recommend on this one, and, like a lot of Shane Black films, this is a good one to see with an audience. Kim Basinger co-stars. My appreciation for screenwriter Shane Black dates back to the year 1987, when he wrote Lethal Weapon. Almost 20 years later, he impressed me with the brilliant Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, his debut as a director. Since then, he has written and directed projects such as Iron Man 3 and the TV pilot Edge, which despite being entertaining, weren't able to reach that exuberant energy and chaotic narrative style which starts being diffuse, in order to later earn focus with an amazing elegance and precision. His most recent film as a director and co- screenwriter, The Nice Guys, attempted to duplicate the magic of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, but it fell short due to some questionable dramatic decisions and an excessively indulgent sense of humor which rarely harmonizes with the "serious" subjects of the film. Nevertheless, The Nice Guys managed to keep me entertained and interested, despite not reaching my expectations. To start with, it counts with two excellent actors with a perfect chemistry with each other as a pair of "losers" who work in the most sordid strata of Los Ángeles in 1977, even though with big differences in their particular motivations and professional ethics. That generates a likable interaction in which Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe exploit their respective abilities to find new angles in the friendship/antagonism between their characters, making their scenes together feel natural and credible. And I also have to mention the young actress Angourie Rice, who also makes a very good work in her role; and even though there are occasions in which her character doesn't feel very credible, it isn't her fault, but the screenplay's, because it places her in highly improbable situations, where the plot can advance only through ridiculous coincidences which reveal the laziness from co-screenwriters Black and Anthony Bagarozzi. Thinking about it well, that applies to all the characters; instead of designing some creative method to save the detectives or the girl from a sure death, or find a new clue which contributes to the investigation, Black and Bagarozzi prefer the answer to magically fall from heaven. That's what I liked the least in The Nice Guys; its tendency to solve everything with a joke in order to hide its lack of ideas. I'm complaining very much, but, as I previously said, The Nice Guys held my attention without the slightest glimpse of boredom, because the story is interesting and Black's direction is visually interesting, but without neglecting the substance. Completing the "retro-noir" puzzle, we find actors such as Matt Bomer, Keith David, Gil Gerard and Kim Basinger in brief, but full of personality, roles. And, after all, that's what helps us to overcome the cons of The Nice Guys to some point: a honest and naughty personality personality at first sight, but with multiple character studies below its surface. That's Black's specialty, and that's why I will keep expecting his future movies with interest. But I hope he brings more care to his next screenplay. [Black] creates some outrageously contrived and protracted shootouts and one or two good old fashioned action explosions. But he also keeps the dialogue cracking along.


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