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The Freelancers Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

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The Freelancers Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

The son of a slain NYPD officer joins the force, where he falls in with his father's former partner and a team of rogue cops. In New York, three smalltime hoodlums are arrested and years later they become NYPD officers. When they are celebrating in a bar, Captain Joe Sarcone summons Jonas "Malo" Maldonado to sit at his table. Sarcose was the partner of Malo's deceased father and he invites Malo to join his team of corrupt cops. The rookie Malo teams up with the dirty Dennis LaRue and he begins his career of crime in the police department. But when his former trainer Lydia Vecchio, whose husband worked at the Internal Affairs when he was murdered, shows evidences of his father's death to him, Malo returns to the side of the law to seek revenge against those that killed his father. I will make this short, well at least ten lines short.

A film about the NYPD should have real NYPD uniforms and patches and cars because the audience will know the difference.

A film about the NYPD should have actors acting like real NYPD cops because the audience, especially real cops will know the difference.

A film about the NYPD should at least be filmed in New York unless its starring Gene Hackman and is titled French Connection II (which still kinda sucked) because New Yorkers know the difference between New York and everywhere else.

Acting is all about truth for me. From the onset,this movie had no truth and should, in my opinion have no audience. It's hard to find fault with a Robert DeNiro movie, no matter the budget. We saw him pull of "Mad Dog and Glory" (at least I did) and we saw his chops as a comedian in the Fockers films. But lately, the legend is disintegrating, and here we find a man on auto-pilot, restlessly moping his way through a character he's played countless times before.

"Freelancers" finds 50 Cent as a young cop who's father is slain by bad cops when he is little. Now on the force himself, Fiddy finds himself taken under the wing of corrupt captain Sarcone (DeNiro) along with other dirty cops like Detective Leurie (Forest Whitaker). Will Fiddy find his father's killer? Will the film end in a shootout?

It plays out like a dream you have every night. You know what to expect, and can just about point to the screen when you can expect to see it happen. The script is cut-and-dry, listless, and unsure of if it's trying to make more a point than simply to promote its impressive cast.

I would say don't watch it, but you've watched this before, and you'll watch it again, though in a theater and with a couple zeroes added on to the end of the budget. For a low-cost, easy to shoot film, the cast is impressive and the acting is fine, but for the hour and a half spent sitting at home waiting to be surprised, I felt let down.


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