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Down Rio Grande Way Movie Download Hd

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Down Rio Grande Way Movie Download Hd

Colonel Elihu Baldridge (Davison Clark), a newspaper publisher in Bayou, Texas, pose as an honest citizen, but actually joins forces with Keno Jack Vandall (Norman Willis), a crooked land and tax agent. Lucky Haines (Russell Hayden), a young cattle rancher, falls into their trap and refuses to pay the exorbitant property taxes Vandall demands. The hotheaded young rancher forms a committee of ranchers that threaten to lynch Vadall and his motley crew of henchmen. Sam Houston (Paul Newland), sends Texas Ranger Steve Martin (Charles Starrett) to Bayou to quell the disturbances. Posing as a rancher, Steve joins Lucky's group and then urges the land-owners not to fight against Vandall; they agree to withhold further action until a Commission, appointed by the U.S. Government can investigate the condition in Texas before accepting the Republic of Texas as a new state in the United States of America. Vandall has his henchmen stampede Lucky's cattle the night before the Commission is to arrive in town. Lucky, maddened by Vandalls reckless disregard of law-and-order, kills one of Vandall's men in front of the Government Commisson members. The case of Texas being accepted in the Union is apparently lost, but Steve and Lucky learn that Vandall and Baldridge are working with Judge Henderson (Joseph Eggelton) to keep the Republic Texas from statehood. Congress is about to decide if Texas will become a state. The Colonel and the Judge want to keep Texas independent and have Vandall and his gang causing unrest among the ranchers. The Rangers send Steve Martin. He finds the ranchers want to go after Vandall but Steve realizes Vandall must have a boss and that's the man he wants.


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