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John Wick: Chapter 2 Sub Download

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John Wick: Chapter 2 Sub Download

After returning to the criminal underworld to repay a debt, John Wick discovers that a large bounty has been put on his life. Bound by an inescapable blood debt to the Italian crime lord, Santino D'Antonio, and with his precious 1969 Mustang still stolen, John Wick, the taciturn and pitiless assassin who thirsts for seclusion, is forced to visit Italy to honour his promise. But soon, the Boogeyman will find himself dragged into an impossible task in the heart of Rome's secret criminal society, as every killer in the business dreams of cornering the legendary Wick who now has an enormous price on his head. Drenched in blood and mercilessly hunted down, John Wick can surely forget a peaceful retirement--but above all--in this lethal ballet of bullets, can he make it out in one piece? Please be aware the following contains spoilers, so to summarize.

Pats dog on head.

Bad guys coming, bang bang bang. Ha missed, stab stab stab. Ooh he shot me, never mind, I'll sort that out later, bang bang bang. Ha too slow, ducked those bullets, bang bang bang, stab stab stab. Forward roll, stab bang stab stab. Ouch, just got shot again, no problem I'll work through it, bang bang bang, stab stab. Ooh lots of general public around we'll have to shoot and stab so they can't see - rats I can only seem to hit conveniently placed pillars (luckily the bad guys are even worse). Right back to it, I'll hold my gun at a funny angle and try again, bang bang bang dodge, duck, stab stab. "Hang on, time out bad guy, do you fancy a drink, I'm buying?" Bad guy: "ye sure you can kill me later, I'm parched." "Ok, finished my drink", bang bang stab, stab stab - main bad guy dead.

"Right, where did I leave the mutt." John Wick one of the best action movies of the decade is back. Did you love the John Wick Chapter 1 (Prequel) then Chapter 2 will make you go crazy for the franchise. Director Chad Stahelski, a stunt man himself knows the pulse of the audience and adds what is needed. He has given extreme importance to the action scenes and he succeeds as well.

Though the action starts after almost an hour into the movie, the wait is worth. Even the built up for the action sequences are good than the action itself. The initial hour narrates the story and it is better than the prequel (Far better). Chad might be aware that the prequel didn't have depth in the plot.

Keanu reeves has given another mind blowing performance. He is a natural in action scenes, his looks and expressions stands long. He utters only less dialogues which adds up the style as John (Thanks to Chad). After Neo, Keanu has got John to stick in our hearts. Riccardo Scamarcio as Antonio has contributed as much as Keanu (Sequel beats prequel this time). He just make phone calls to execute his plans which is better suited for the villain of John.

It is difficult to take a franchise to new level, we have seen many directors trying some extravagant addition in each installment of their franchise. But Chad doesn't need all those, rather he does what he does the best. He didn't exaggerate or degrade the franchise instead he did the same as the prequel, but this time far better.

John Wick lovers and action lovers will celebrate the movie for sure. The length of the action scenes might feel too much for sure, but I believe it won't be for action lovers. On the whole John Wick Chapter 2 is a great action entertainer. Kudos for the whole team The open ended climax has all possibilities for Chapter 3. This new film doesn’t have the emotional grounding of the original, and it probably dwells too long explaining things we never cared about. But it’s still a visceral, cathartic and — most important — gorgeous two hours of kinetic, poetic bloodshed. A marker is a blood oath sworn by two members of the organization. Essentially it is a favour that one cannot refuse when called upon to fulfill it. In this case, John Wick gave a marker to Santino. In exchange, Santino helped John Wick with his "impossible task" that allowed John to leave the Assassin world to live a normal life. Had John stayed in that life and not gotten back into the world of assassins, Santino would have respected it and left the marker unused. Throughout the film, we are shown that the assassins are a very large organization. With different factions all over the globe. However, not everyone is a top-level assassin like John Wick. Some of them are simply associates, such as Charon, Aurelio, the bartender, the tailor or Sommelier, the armorer and so on. These people are not killers, but simply descrete servants within the organization.


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