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Jericho Malayalam Movie Download

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Jericho Malayalam Movie Download

A small town in Kansas is literally left in the dark after seeing a mushroom cloud over near-by Denver, Colorado. The townspeople struggle to find answers about the blast and solutions on how to survive. Jericho is a drama about what happens in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion in the once peaceful town of Jericho. Following the battle with New Bern, the citizens of Jericho begin reconstruction efforts to restore the town's power and communication with the outside world. As the country's new leaders, the Cheyenne government, attempt to establish their stronghold in the region, Jericho's citizens become suspicious of their new leaders and question why their community is so important to this newly formed government. Jericho is full of action that keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what in the world is going to happen next. It also has some romantic aspects to it, especially involving the main character Jake, that giving a hear warming feel as well. The aspect that really got me though was how it appears that the sequence of events that take place through out the series is something that could possibly really happen. Living the the States I know that we are pretty spoiled and that in the little over two hundred years of white history here the wars that actually took place within our country are minor compared to things that happen on an almost daily basis elsewhere. The American Revolution and The American Civil War don't hold a candle to being bombed every other day or so. With this in mind the events depicted in Jericho, I think, are something that, yes we can find entertaining now, but may have somethings we should keep in mind in case we need to question similar things later on.

Over all this is just an amazing show that I personally am really hoping that Netflix & CBS are able to come to an agreement to get a new season done on Netflix soon. Cast & Crew members have already said they would love to be back at Jericho and they're also hoping the talks go well.

Let's just say if Netflix & CBS aren't careful, I've been seeing a lot of fans online gathering together again...

NUTS! I came across this title on Netflix a few months back and finally decided to watch it considering it's only 2 seasons. The show starts of by introducing to the town of Jericho and the people in the town. Personally the first season for me was OK and the second season kind of crammed to much information into the episodes. The acting was OK however as one reviewer stated this would have probably made a good movie if the storyline was looked at.

Throughout the episodes their was a number of mistakes, in the 3rd episode they all decided to go in hiding from the radiation rain but then leave the bomb shelters a day after and are still able to sit on items and eat items from the radiation rain. I found this to be very confusing and not a thought out story.

I gave the rating a 5, the acting was good from the male actors but the female actors could have had more parts and more to say thought the episodes. Overall the romance side I thought was good, their could have been more locations rather then the two farms.

it made a good show to watch if you have nothing else better to do. What follows is a rough list of those cities that have been at various times mentioned as possibly being attacked.

Albany NY, Atlanta GA, Baltimore MD, Boston MA, Charlotte NC, Chicago IL, Cincinnati OH, Dallas TX, Denver CO, Detroit MI, Hartford CT, Houston TX, Indianapolis IN, Kansas City KS, Las Vegas NV, Lawrence KS, Los Angeles CA, Miami FL, Minneapolis MN, New Orleans LA, Norfolk VA, Philadelphia PA, Phoenix AZ, Pittsburgh PA, San Diego CA, San Francisco CA, Seattle WA, St. George UT, St. Louis MO, St. Paul MN, Washington, D.C.

The season premiere of season 2 announced that 23 cities were attacked. Wikipedia in each episode article has the meaning of the episode in question Morse code You can find a list of the music from the show here:


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