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The Westland Case In Hindi Free Download

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The Westland Case In Hindi Free Download

Bill Crane, a private detective with no weakness as an investigator but large ones for blondes and straight-whiskey, gets a call from his attorney friend, Charles Frazee, with a request to find evidence that will free Robert Westland, who is under death sentence for murdering his wife. Crane immediately runs into a barrage of machine-gun fire, and a blonde, Agatha Hogan, only slightly less dangerous. After a night of wine, women and song, Crane picks up a clue that may aid Wstland. With the help of a deep-sea diver, a stop watch, and a taxicab driver, he is sprinting after the real culprit...just as Westland is starting his last mile to the electric chair. A detective must solve a case where a girl was murdered in a room--and all the doors and windows were locked from the inside. This may be hard for you to find. Mine is the first comment, so I will describe the story a bit.

It is fairly typical in many respects. You've got a wisecrackin, drinkin, womanizin detective and his sidekick. There are backstabbin partners and cheatin wimmen. There's a gathering of all the suspects for the announcement of the true murderer only seconds before the enframed is executed. Witnesses are killed as soon as they are identified.

And the basic form is a locked room mystery. The woman is killed in a locked room to which the only other key is the suspect's.

What makes this interesting is that it begins with a film within the film. Its a bit tortured, so its obvious that the writers went to some trouble to arrange it. The same group of suspects is gathered to see this movie. It is a "re-enactment" of the discovery of the body, made by the prosecutor and involving all the original characters — and the body. It must have been made moments after the real events.

I don't know of any other detective movie with this device. There is lots of joking about watching a movie and not making one, when this is happening.

So even though the mystery is ordinary, this narrative device makes the movie important.

Ted's Evaluation -- 2 of 3: Has some interesting elements. During the second half of the 1930s, Jonathan Latimer wrote five screwball mysteries featuring Chicago private eye Bill Crane. When not boozing or snoozing, his highest priorities, he cleverly unraveled complicated crimes.

The first of three Universal* "crime club" films made from the novels is The Westland Case (1937). It is based on Headed for a Hearst (1935). The other two films are The Lady in the Morgue (1938) and The Last Warning (1938). All three starred Preston Foster as Bill Crane and Frank Jenks as Doc Williams, his assistant. All had different directors, and while the second, The Lady in the Morgue is the best by far, all are well worth watching.

In The Westland Case, six days before his execution, a wealthy businessman convicted of murdering his wife, retains an attorney (who then hires Crane and Williams) to exonerate him. (Look closely for a cameo by uncredited Ward Bond. He plays Connor, Westland's death row neighbor.) Unfortunately, however, all initial breaks end in more killings.

There are several highlights. The film's brisk pace engages and holds you. It is difficult to ascertain who actually perpetrated the murder, although it is much easier to guess how the "locked room mystery," itself, occurred. Then there is Foster and Jenks' camaraderie. They made a good team, playing well off each other. Lastly, mustachioed Clarence Wilson, a short, weaselly looking man, absolutely embodies everyone's worst lawyer stereotype.

However, there are also two major weak points. Several performances, including those of Foster and Jenks, should have been toned down. (In the second film, they were.) Foster needed less oafishness and more subtlety and Jenks, whose face was very mobile, needed fewer over-the-top reaction shots. Finally, Barbara Pepper, with a very bad Mae West imitation, gave a terrible performance. Indeed, I found the film's biggest mysteries were how she got the part and why all three leads were irresistibly attracted to her. In real life, most men would have fled.

*As an interesting aside, 15 years later, the Universal logo theme music for these films was reused as the TV theme for George Reeves' Superman series.


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