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Bronson 720p Movies

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Bronson 720p Movies

In 1974, a hot-headed 19 year old named Michael Peterson decided he wanted to make a name for himself and so, with a homemade sawn-off shotgun and a head full of dreams he attempted to rob a post office. Swiftly apprehended and originally sentenced to seven years in jail, Peterson has subsequently been behind bars for 34 years, 30 of which have been spent in solitary confinement. During that time, Michael Petersen, the boy, faded away and 'Charles Bronson,' his superstar alter ego, took center stage. Inside the mind of Bronson - a scathing indictment of celebrity culture. A young man who was sentenced to seven years in prison for robbing a post office ends up spending three decades in solitary confinement. During this time, his own personality is supplanted by his alter-ego, Charles Bronson. Okay so growing up Charles Bronson (not the actor) was a regular on in my dads copy of The Sun. When my dad brought it home we regularly looked through the days stories (I remember telling him that I liked to bash an apple before I ate it just because I read it in the 'letters' page and him telling me I read The Sun too much). So Bronson was part of growing up and we all used to say what a lunatic he clearly was! The film wasn't what I expected to be honest.

Firstly I hated the sub indie music. Really annoying despite it being part of my so called formative years.

Then the cut to camera dialogue which I found pretentious.

What else? Well being a Londoner, liked the accent although clearly not from my SLAG (South London Aggro Girls) neck of the woods.

The acting was good by lead character: top marks.

However we do need to ask was Charles Bronson actually paid for this and if so how do you feel about that? I've just watched this movie after the recommendation of some friends. I think Bronson is Tom Hardy's best performance ever !! I liked everything in the movie : the soundtrack, the point of views, the monologues, and even the silence in each scene. The director did a great job showing us in a theatrical way, the life and adventure of one the hardest to understand people in this world. I highly recommend it. Despite the artistic flourishes, this is still an utterly repellent look at a psychopath who does not deserve the attention of the filmmakers or the audience. Spoilers ahead!

The Electrician - The Walker Brothers: Charlie moves around in his cell and fights the guards. Plays until the main title card appears and then tones down.

Va pensiero (Chorus of Hebrew Slaves) [Nabucco, Act III] {1990 Remastered} - Coro del Teatro alla Scala, Milano, Lovro von Matacic & Orchestra Del Teatro Alla Scala Di Milan: Charlie's childhood.

Götterdämmerung, Dritter Aufzug (Act 3), Zweite Szene [Scene 2]: Trauermusik {Orchester} - Siegfried Jerusalem & Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks: Charlie tells the audience about prison and prisonlife.

It's A Sin - Pet Shop Boys: Played at the party at the mental hospital.

Meet Mister Callaghan (2009 Remastered) - Ray Martin: Bronson strangles the pedophile.

When I'm a Rock 'N' Roll Star - Tom Hardy: Charlie starts to sing as he presents real footage of a riot at Broadmoor Hospital for the criminally insane.

Your Silent Face - New Order: Bronson is releaed.

Attila: Chi dona luce al cor?.. (Atto II) - Orchestra Del Teatro Alla Scala Di Milan & Riccardo Muti: Bronson goes to see Uncle Jack.

Digital Versicolor - Glass Candy: Heard through out the film; in the stripjoint, Charlie working as bareknuckle fighter and Closing Credits.

La forza del destino: La vergine degli angeli - Orchestra Del Teatro Alla Scala Di Milan & Riccardo Muti: Charlie proposes, get's rejected and goes to jail again.

Das Rheingold: Entry of the Gods Into Valhalla - Berliner Philharmoniker & Klaus Tennstedt: The prison executive walks down the hallway in slowmotion.


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