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Jesse James At Bay Full Movie Hindi Download

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Jesse James At Bay Full Movie Hindi Download

When Jesse learns that Krager is cheating settlers, he and his gang rob trains to obtain money for them to purchase their land. Krager, finding a Jesse look alike in Burns, hires him to wreck havoc on the ranchers. When Jesse kills Burns he switches clothes and goes after the culprits. The last of the "Frontier-era" films starring Roy Rogers. From this point forward through the last of the Roy Rogers' film at Republic, the time period was always the "modern west", or the mythical version of such. The exception to all of his remaining films not being set in a historical period was in "Heldorado" that contained a flashback segment. Here, Roy plays a dual role of the title character, Jesse James (Roy Rogers). In order to blacken the name of Jesse James, who is aiding the homesteaders and farmers in their fight against a land-grabbing scheme by the agents of a railroad, Burns is hired to impersonate Jesse. The scheme is successful at first with all but Jesse's old friend, Sheriff "Gabby" Whittaker (Gale Storm), who can distinguish the two men intuitively. Jesse ends that problem by taking out Burns, who had been impersonating him, and then he impersonates Burns in order to get to the root of the problem. This different (and improbable) take on the Jesse James legend makes for pretty good light entertainment. Having Roy Rogers in the lead certainly alters the tone considerably, but he carries it off all right. Gabby Hayes and Gale Storm also help out. The story has an angle on James that probably bears little relation to fact, but it's rather creative, and it makes for a plot that moves quickly and holds your attention. As one of Rogers' earlier films, the emphasis is on action, and there is plenty of it. Not a movie to take seriously, but one that makes for an enjoyable hour of viewing. There's an on screen narrative at the start of the picture that states that this is an alternate legend of Jesse James, citing the historical accuracy of his being gunned down by one of his own gang. The version offered here avows that it's possibility has been 'vouched for by many old-timers'.

Roys Rogers (my favorite movie and TV cowboy by the way) not only portrays a historical figure here, but also has a dual role as the infamous Jesse James and a character that resembles the outlaw going by Clint Burns. Interestingly, the character Clint is hired by crooked land dealer Phineas Krager (Pierre Watkin) to impersonate Jesse, while Jesse later impersonates Clint Burns after a fatal shoot-out for Burns. It probably sounds more complicated than it actually is, so you'll just have to check it out for yourself.

Gale Storm fans, who remember her from the early Fifties TV series 'My Little Margie", might be surprised to see that she turns up here as a newspaper reporter from the St. Louis Journal doing a story on Jesse James. Actually, she was in a couple more flicks with Roy and Gabby Hayes during this time frame, 1941's "Red River Valley" and "Man From Cheyenne" the following year. She's teamed up with fellow reporter Sally Payne, a regular in Roy's early films from Republic.

It wasn't until near the end of the picture that I made a mental note to go back and check something out. Roy Rogers rides his (almost) equally famous horse Trigger BOTH as Jesse James and Clint Burns. This is most evident in an early scene when the outlaws hired by Krager raid Sheriff Gabby Whitaker's ranch led by Clint Burns. Clint arrives and leaves aboard Trigger, and as Jesse arrives on the scene shortly after, he's also riding Trigger! And what are the odds that Clint and Jesse would be wearing the exact same outfits? Probably as good as Roy portraying two different characters in 1942's "Sunset on the Desert" doing the same thing. I wonder what movie audiences of the Forties thought about this coincidence.

If you're expecting a handful of tunes from Roy as usual you might be disappointed here. There's only one when Roy serenades Gale Storm while horseback riding through the countryside. It must have done the trick because at the end of the story, Gale's character decides to hand her newspaper story over to partner Polly Morgan (Payne) to ride off into the proverbial sunset with Roy, Jesse, whoever.


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