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A Shadow In The Night Full Movie In Hindi 720p

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A Shadow In The Night Full Movie In Hindi 720p

A Japanese man Walker knows comes to town. Walker knows he's with the Yakuza and that he came not for pleasure. He came to look for the man who killed a Yakuza Oynabun or leader. And the killer is an ego maniacal man who is also married to a Japanese woman whom he mistreats, whom Walker's friend knows. Walker fears he may have to take down an old friend in town from Japan, knowing the man has ties to the Japanese mob. This episode was a great watch with some cool fighting scenes, Walker and Trivette's relationship growing, and Alex in a skirt. In this episode we hear Walker talk a little about his martial arts background.

"Spoilers" The episode starts off with two businessmen having tea in China and one of them is a congressman named Leo Cabe who is trying to squeeze a deal out of the other more respectable and ethical businessman who then gets murdered because of his countless deal rejections. Walker's old friend Yoshi from Vietnam comes for a visit but it turns out there is a specific reason he is in Texas as it turns out that he knew the murdered businessman and is seeking revenge on those responsible and it also turns out that Leo Cabe (who is partly responsible along with his business partner) are being protected by Walker and Trivette because Yoshi and his fellow Yakuza acquaintances had tried many failed attempts on Mr. Cabe's life but succeeded with Cabe's partner. It doesn't take long for Walker to realize that the congressman may be a scumbag who wants to force his wife to be a prostitute for money for the sake of his business. This culminates a classic showdown between Walker and his old friend Yoshi because while Walker wants to nail Cabe the legal way, Yoshi wants to assassinate him and Walker cannot let that happen.

Yeah this was a very terrific episode and it would mark the first ep where we see Walker meet a good challenge.


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