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Quantez Torrent

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Quantez Torrent

Gang of robbers heads for Mexican border, meets unexpected opposition along the way. After a bank robbery, Heller and his small gang are on the run from the posse. The gang intends to cross the border into Mexico but their horses are tired. The outlaws decide to make a stopover in the town of Quantez to rest and feed the horses. Heller is a brutal and cynical man who treats his woman, Chaney, with disdain and contempt. Gentry is Heller's second-in-command and he proves to be an experienced and wise gunfighter from the old days. Eastern gunslinger Teach is a newcomer to the West and he's green but eager, with an added touch of gentlemanly chivalry towards women. When Heller treats Chaney bad, Teach defends her, causing violent clashes between himself and Heller. Gentry has to step in and separate the two before they kill each other over Chaney. The last member of the gang, Gato, is a white man who was raised by the Apache and considers himself to be Apache. He is useful to the gang because he knows the region well, he can speak Apache dialects and can use many Apache tricks to throw off the pursuing posse. When the gang reaches the town of Quantez it is shocked to see a deserted ghost town. Nevertheless, they decide to rest there for the night. Gato goes in the night to scout around and he finds an Apache spear with a message that anyone still found in town after sunrise will be killed. Gato realizes there are Apaches around but decides to keep this information to himself. With Apaches lurking around and Heller trying to kill Teach over pretty Chaney it doesn't look like the gang will ever reach Mexico. Even though this film had a great set of actors and character development that was quite interesting, the pace of this story was so slow that it took away from the entire project.

The movie begins as we see four bank robbers that was attempting to outrun a posse that was following them. Plus you throw-in a sexy looking female that was also along for the ride and you can see that this is a unique set of people. Anyway, they shake the cops and end up in an old abandon town. And now, nearly through the entire picture, the writer starts to show all the distinct personalities of each character. The only bad thing is that the introduction of the characters takes so long that viewers begin to lose interest in the movie.

The first forty minutes of the movie is uneventful. You have pleasant conversation, people watering the horses and some wandering where they should go to split-up the money. The only hint of trouble comes when one of the characters stumbles on a Indian war stick that might just lead to some excitement.

The last half of the movie was so much better. There were actually action on the screen to break the tedious dialog that viewers were suffering. And if viewers were still watching and not turned off by the dull first half, then you saw a story that was actually interesting.

John Larch, Fred MacMurray, Dorothy Malone and Michael Ansara all did an outstanding job with their character. The problem is that it took so long developing the characters that it was easy to get bored and turn to another form of entertainment. This was a hard watch but the ending made the long tiresome viewing a bit more enjoyable. One thing I need to say right away is that this film moves very slow the first 45 minutes. It's very deliberate in how the characters are presented and how we get to know them. What's interesting is that we see Dorothy Malone joining the men in the beginning, this group of outlaws on their way to Mexico, but she is very much a peripheral figure at first. We get to know the other characters first. But then gradually, we see how the men behave a certain way around her, and how all of them secretly (and not so secretly) have designs on her. So mid- way through the picture, she is more the central presence, a woman who represents their fantasies and the flesh and blood reality of having a woman ride along on the trail. The scene where they intercept some painter to do her portrait is well done. And also what makes it work is that she has her own demons, her own insecurities to overcome.

But it's the last ten to fifteen minutes that are the best. At this point, the plot begins to pick up speed and we have a very dramatic pay off on the edge of a canyon. We still don't know who she's going to end up with. I won't spoil it, but she did wind up with the guy I wanted her to be it was ultimately very satisfying. And the ending is kind of shocking; it leaves you with a lot to think about.

Highly recommend QUANTEZ for western fans who have the patience to sit through the slower scenes at the beginning.


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