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Download Raven - Die Unsterbliche

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Download Raven - Die Unsterbliche

A female Immortal and thief tries to redeem herself with the help of an ex-cop. Amanda, a recurring character from Highlander - The Series, is the main character here. An ex-cop, Nick Wolfe, discovers her true nature. The two then team up to fight criminals and other, evil, Immortals. > Mostly the weakness of the show as it stands is a given. > Amanda, Ms. Gracen, makes the whole thing watchable for those that have a > thing for her. Which isn't hard... . > Her white hair, criticised by another reviewer, gives her, in my opinion, an > exotic sexiness which she carries well. And which on someone over 1,000 > thousand years old should be expected. Just kidding. > Some more exciting characters for her to play opposite, who generate some > real sparks, would definitely help. > I'm a huge Highlander fan, so naturally I had to watch this show - well, some of it, anyway. "The Raven" has two major shortcomings. It would be worthwhile if it just had one, but two of them sadly ruins its whole appeal.

Firstly, it has dull stories. Not as dull as they could be, but just not very inspired or exciting. The thing is, Elizabeth Gracen could have saved it just by her looks. She is very, very good-looking; I find her enormously appealing. A sexy lead actress can make a mediocre show well worth watching.

But that's the second shortcoming: they ruined her looks. Gracen looks fabulous with dark hair, and the more of it the better. So naturally they not only cut her hair as short as humanly possible; they also bleached it a blinding white.

Sorry, but that just makes her uninteresting to look at. And as she goes, so goes the show.

If you want good Elizabeth Gracen action, go back a see the final season of the Highlander TV series. Now *there's* some eye candy for a red-blooded Highlander aficionado.

Still, if I stumbled across the DVD set very cheaply, I wouldn't rule out purchasing it, if no one was looking... :-)

Rating: 5 out of 10.


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