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Free Download The Stickup

It's a quiet little town where nothing happens - until the day the bank is hit for half a million dollars by a thief wearing a clowns mask. It's a quiet little town where nothing happens - until the day the bank is hit for half a million dollars of Indian casino money by a thief wearing a clowns mask. From here the story follows a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse between bank robber and former cop Parker (James Spader) and small-town police officer Ray DeCarlo (David Keith) determined to catch him. Parker doesn't help himself by holing up with a nurse who happens to be DeCarlo's former wife. Throw in a rookie FBI agent, Indians who want their money back, some former friends of Parker who are not so friendly anymore and his fate seems sealed. The game of cat and mouse intensifies, digging up the past, and the manhunt closes in. As one F.B.I. agent pulls the pieces of the puzzle together, the depth of corruption reaches out to cut its loose ends. And the last man standing tries to reclaim his prize, but victory won't be his. And the pieces of one man's life will be brushed aside, paving the way for a new road to follow.

Intricate lanes of suspense and mystery crisscross together, taking us on a wild ride into the dilemma of one man trapped between the lines of innocence and guilt. The storyline plunges further into conflict, and the heat of passion intensifies. Life and death tango as loose ends are pulled together, and mystery is unmasked. And as the story concludes are we captivated by a brilliant cast of actors bringing to life conflicted characters, and the conclusion carries us off into the sunset, bringing an end to The Stickup, a movie that stands with Blink, Basic Instinct, and Taking Lives. Some Spoilers

This film was confusing because you didn't know what you saw was real or not and if it was when did it happen? James Spader and David Keith were good but with very low sound quality and confusing moments it was really a waste. I could barley understand what they were saying with the volume very high up. One thing that was confusing was if Spader wasn't the robber then why was he seen wearing the jump suit and clown mask in and out of the car? Either it was big plot hole or the movie lied? I really don't know but what I do know is that with two good actors the movie was one big disappointment:( Only see this film if you like Spader, Keith, and/or confusing movies with some action.


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