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The Weeknd: False Alarm Movie Download In Hd

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The Weeknd: False Alarm Movie Download In Hd

Creative music video about an intense robbery and the trouble that comes with it. The official video for the song was presented on the official Vevo-account of the artist on YouTube on October 13, 2016. The video is played as a first-person shooter with a camera showing the viewpoint of one of the bank robbers during the culmination of the critical situation with the hostages, which ends with the death of most of them. The director was Ilya Naishuller, who also produced the film "Hardcore Henry." I have not watched the feature Hardcore Henry, but by most accounts is not so good; I guess that the POV action stuff is better in short form rather than creating a whole narrative using it. Perhaps related, the director has returned to the short music video form that gave him such success with Biting Elbows, and has made this video for The Weekend. The film is the getaway from a bank robbery, and relies very heavily on movement and action to work. On this front it does, and it is very much like a video game scene – GTA5 comes to mind, but I know the director also worked on Payday 2, so maybe that is a better reference.

The film is a short, impacting ride – very violent and without any emotional context to draw you in, but it is the speed that makes it work. Technically it is very impressive in how it is all put together, and there are lots of cool ideas within this too – the use of the mini-drone, the jumping between vehicles, the shooting through the side of the vehicle, etc. It does play very well, and the FPS-view suits the video game content. In the end it is still a novelty piece that will play very well online but doesn't leave you with much after – which is fine, because it does deliver in the moment, which is what it is all about. If you cherish your brain cells, you'll avoid this film. The director clearly has no idea how to develop a plot or anything even resembling character development. Why anyone would ever fund one of his films is beyond me. Dude needs to retire and get a job doing wedding videos.


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