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Tokko Telugu Full Movie Download

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Tokko Telugu Full Movie Download

When 108 demons free themselves and start killing people, Special Public Safety Task Force, or "Tokko" for short, is formed to stop them. Some of the members have demons inside of them and can use them to enhance their own abilities. Tokko is as straightforward as gore splatter anime can get. It takes no risks and as such delivers nothing unique, special or memorable. That said, it is a more or less a sound anime and a good filler if you don't expect too much.

The humour in Tokko stands out greatly because it is genuinely very funny at times. The first couple of episodes are lined with a little slapstick, some dark humour and one or too quite poignant nods to risky subjects.

The main characters in Tokko are standard of this type of anime. In the Tokko faction you've got the tall strong quiet type, the nymph, the brain, the deep thinker and the new guy.

Outside of Tokko you've got the ball busting police chief, infatuated and submissive young women and the main character's best friend who plays the role of comic relief. This guy was actually my personal favourite character in the whole thing, he's surprisingly funny.

The gore is heavy but it's very stylised so you'll become accustomed to it quickly.

It does end abruptly and the series and pacing suffers for a lack of second season, which they obviously intended. Don't worry though by the end of this series you probably won't be screaming for answers or a second season.

I'd give it a shot though, it's not great but it's by no means bad. This will be my first IMDb review, as I remember this being the worst anime I've ever seen, and I've seen so many excellent one's recently, I feel it's time I start leaving reviews for some.

Tokko left an awful impression on me. I wanted to like it, I believe while watching, I gave it the benefit of the doubt, however... to my tastes, Tokko had incredibly average and bland character designs and personalities. Not memorable or worthy of note, at all.

None of them.

On top of that the plot was awful 'cookie cutter' - 'there are monsters, we must slay them' 224,423,423#.

The same as nobody wants to see another Japanese horror film with a dead ghost girl with long hair, I don't think anyone wants to see such a basic and bland plot-line, without some kind of spice surrounding it (and I can't recall having seen an example of this being so poorly done, anywhere).

For context: Tokyo Ghoul, Akame ga kill, Gantz - these would be objectively similar shows, yet the characters and subtle plot variations, and improvements, act as considerable 'spice'. To create vastly superior creative works.

In this day and age, there is no reason to give such crass creators as with Tokko, your money or brain space.


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