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Free Download Flash Gordon

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Free Download Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon is an American football player who along with Dale Arden are returning to New York City after a long vacation, until the plane they are passengers on crashes into the laboratory of Russian scientist Dr. Hans Zarkov. Both Flash and Dale become unwilling passengers on-board Zarkov's rocketship as Zarkov sets a course for the planet Mongo. Arriving on Mongo, Flash and his companions find the planet is under the rulership of the evil Emperor Ming the Merciless and Ming is attacking Earth with natural disasters as he bids to destroy Earth. Realizing that Earth and the human race is in mortal danger, Flash decides to unite the kingdoms of Mongo and combine the forces of rivals Prince Barin and Prince Vultan to rescue Dale, who is to become Ming's wife and defeat Ming and save Earth from annihilation. Flash Gordon is an American football hero who is skyjacked aboard Dr. Hans Zarkov's rocketship along with his beautiful girlfriend Dale Arden. The threesome are drawn into the influence of the planet Mongo, ruled by Emperor Ming the Merciless. The evil Ming has been testing Earth with unnatural disasters, and deeming our world a threat to his rule. He also intends to take Dale as his concubine, attempts to execute Flash and intends to destroy Earth. Flash must avoid the amorous attentions of Ming's daughter, and unite the warring kingdoms of Mongo to rescue Dale and save our world. I saw this movie as a child aged 12, and 30 years later I still love it. Anyone who pans it just doesn't get it!! To me it's up there with Blues Brothers as a cult classic and that is saying something. In some ways I think Flash himself isn't the main focus. My favourite actor by far is Brian Blessed, who grabs hold of his cheesy, gruff, spirited part as the strangely medieval yet big hearted leader of a space warrior clan and runs with it!! Closely followed by the guy playing Dr Hans Zarkov, whose brilliant character is the mad scientist whose paranoid conspiracy theory -- of the earth being invaded by mad aliens -- turns out to be true and who is willing to die to save it. The cinematography and effects are fantastic, and of course the music by Queen is outstanding -- rousing, daring and perfect for the task at hand. Yes, Flash Gordon is clunky, and corny, and badly acted at times. But hey, it is based on a cartoon. As others have said, don't analyse it, just enjoy it! Wow! This movie rules to this day! Nonstop action with awesome limited-cost special effects that only add to the overall comic book-meets-the big screen experience. This movie will make you wonder why the Star Wars movies have to be so boring aside from the special effects. This campy extravaganza has it all - heroes, villains, beautiful women and high stakes. Laughably bad and fantastically good all at once, this is a guilty pleasure that everyone can enjoy. well Let's put it this way: you can walk, yet you still travel by car, don't you?

As much as I like the previous answer, there was a small blurb explaining the rocket cycles in a pre-production note. Something about using them as emergency transportation for injured hawk-people who couldn't fly.


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