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Jersey Shore Shark Attack Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

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Jersey Shore Shark Attack Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

A cast of characters, strikingly similar to the cast of Jersey Shore, try to survive an epidemic of sharks attacking Miami Beach. I guess I'm being gracious in giving this movie a solid "4." But I'm not ashamed to say that I anxiously waited a week to see "Jersey Shore Shark Attack." As its title would imply, this straight-to-TV SyFy movie, directed by John Shepphird, is a direct, albeit semi-hip and self-knowing, rip-off of "Jaws" (1975) and a hilarious parody of MTV's hit reality TV series "Jersey Shore."

There's a special type of culture for a movie like this, and that is the people who like "movies that are so bad, they're good"; I'm not really in that crowd, just so you know. Yet in a wasteland of bad made-for-TV movies, it is quite possible that this is the best SyFy movie they've ever produced, which unfortunately does not say much about the channel's abysmal track record of weekly "Jaws" rip-offs as a whole.

I love "Jaws," and I'm not afraid to admit to being a viewer of the so-called social "degenerates" on "Jersey Shore"; how many of us truly have our shameless reality TV addictions? We all do. But you have to give the movie credit when it does feature one of the real-live genuine "Jersey Shore" cast members (Vinny Guadagnino) and a former boy band band-mate (Joey Fatone of *NSYNC) in self-knowing cameos as themselves.

A plot summary is pretty useless, but I'll go ahead anyway, in one sentence: During the Fourth of July weekend, prehistoric, deep-sea albino bullsharks are terrorizing Seaside Heights, New Jersey, and it's up to the hard-partying members of a "Jersey Shore"-like reality TV show to stop them. That's it. Although it's unlikely that you could ever count on the drunken beach-goers of Seaside Heights to save the day from man-eating sharks, SyFy is politely asking us to turn our brains off for two hours and enjoy the show.

"Jersey Shore Shark Attack's" merits (incredibly, yes, it does have a few) comes from its knowing self-awareness of its source material. The trick is combining the two sources effectively, and it does so. The movie begins like "Jaws" in its first five minutes, before going on to "Jersey Shore"-like debauchery and shenanigans with Shore-house cast-mate TC/"The Complication" (Jeremy Luc) waking up in bed after a drunken one-night stand with a bikini-clad local floozy, followed by a wet-&-wild wet T-shirt contest at a local bar. Things climax with a bar-room brawl between the Shore-house cast-mates and a group of upper-crust college grads, before comfortably moving back into "Jaws" territory when an ensuing foot-chase between the two conflicting parties down the boardwalk ends with one of the drunken locals becoming shark food.

The CGI special effects are pretty poor, but there are some spectacularly bloody shark attacks that are way more likely to elicit gut-busting laughs than screams. But I don't blame them; it is SyFy, after all.

"Jersey Shore Shark Attack" is a SyFy movie that is better than the rest of the crop of like-minded monster movies the channel is prone to putting out on a weekly basis. The keys to its marginal success are its attempts at combining "Jaws" with the outlandish antics of "Jersey Shore," complete with the requisite gory animal attacks of the former and the bad Italian-American stereotypes (complete with a Snooki-like character delightfully called "Nooki" and a guy with a Pauly D-styled blowout hairdo) of the latter.

Whoever dreamt up the crazy concept for this movie, I'd just like to shake his hand, for he has a cult classic that he can be more or less semi-proud of.

4/10 The 1916 Shark Attacks did happen though -- the director if he wanted to do this film I think he should had gotten the definitive book on these shark attacks. this was a fun movie for the kind of horror film it is because you normally don't get the humor mixed in with there unless it was Deep Blue Sea or JAWS.

Anchor Bay's entry in this genre I have it admit I am a little impressed; but if the guys who wrote this film want information where they can get this book I am going to do additional notes with The Decade Treatment of my first anthology as I've contributed to the killer shark genre myself. Though I the director of Ghost Shark should had did a search on the web to see if the supernatural shark story hasn't been done before or not because I wrote this kind of story nine years earlier in 2004. So I grabbed this when I came back from Richmond, Virgina, it is not a bad buy for $7 at Walmart. For an R rated movie there is no swearing in the damn thing.

Deep Blue Sea is a little more hardcore but this is better than the Shark Attack movies. I do want to get a hold of the director of this movie and track down Dr. Richard Fernicola so the guy can have both of us as consultants on shark attack behaviour because sharks don't attack humans unprovoked unless you're dealing with a bull shark. So what they captured is the bull shark aggression and temperament. When their buddy John "JP" Pelligrini (Ben Giroux) disappears after being chased into the water by two Country Club preppies, Bradford (Grant Harvey) and Spencer (Dylan Vox), Guidos (Italian-Americans) Gino Giuseppe Santino "TC" Moretti (Jeremy Luke), Donnie (Joseph Russo), and Paulie Balzac (Daniel Booko) go down to the harbor to investigate and are surprised to find the water swarming with large albino bull sharks. They try to warn the town about the sharks, but no one, not even TC's father, Nick Moretti (Jack Scalia), a policeman for the Seaside Heights Police Department, believes them until famous singer Joey Fatone of N Sync is eaten alive during a performance on the beach. Jersey Shore Shark Attack was filmed from a screenplay by Michael Ciminera and Richard Glnofo, who built it around an MTV series Jersey Shore (2009) (2009-2012). The movie does make reference, however, to a true shark attack that took place along the New Jersey shore in 1916. Dolan Industries is building a new beach club and spa along the shoreline in Seaside Heights. Part of the construction consists of drilling holes in which to sink pylons and cement them in place. It is the drilling that that creates the vibrations which attract the sharks. "Guido" is a derogatory term for a stereotypical, usually Italian-American, macho male from New Jersey or Brooklyn, New York. Their characteristic wardrobe consists of tracksuits, earrings, gold chains, and gelled hair. When not at their low-paid jobs delivering pizzas, telemarketing, or construction, they can be located at their local gym tanning or lifting weights. The female counterpart is referred to as a "guidette." Many of the terms, such as paison, gumba, and cugine, are slang words with meanings similar to English pal or bro. A gumad refers to a man's mistress. Other terms refer to common Italian foods, such as gabagool (capicola ham), spuntini (baked meatballs), calzone (a folded pizza, turnover style), grappa (a grape-based Italian brandy), mojito (a cocktail made of rum, sugar, lime juice, mint, and sparkling water), and Pecorino Romano (a type of Italian cheese). At one point, Nooki exclaims, "Madonna Mia!", which translates as "My Lady", referring to the mother of Jesus. It is used as an exclamation of surprise or annoyance. Three other terms heard in the movie are: pazzo (wild), fazool (slang for "money"), and ugatz, which can be translated as a profanity, e.g., "shit" or "cock", implying something worthless, as when Nooki calls TC a "lying sack of steaming ugatz." TC and his cugines commandeer a police boat and go looking for Bradford's yacht. They find it sinking and surrounded by sharks. After killing several sharks, they evacuate the Preppie partiers, but Nooki is nowhere to be seen. TC searches the yacht and finds her in a flooding cabin with her foot stuck. He breaks her loose, fights off a shark, and they declare their love for each other, TC placing his gold chain around her neck. Meanwhile, sharks have begun attacking the Seaside Heights boardwalk, so the Guidos and Preppies return to fight them off, just in time for TC to save Nick, who has jumped in the water to save a stranded swimmer, by shooting a speargun into the shark's left eye. Realizing that the drill is attracting the sharks, TC turns it off. Everyone cheers as the sharks turn tail and head back out to sea. In the final scene, the seaside radio announcer (JoJo Wright) reports that the drill has been deactivated, the sharks have returned to open water, and all is quiet on the Jersey shore. Suddenly, a shark jumps out of the water and gobbles him up.


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