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The Assignment Download Torrent

After waking up and discovering that he has undergone gender reassignment surgery, an assassin seeks to find the doctor responsible. Following an ace assassin who is double crossed by gangsters and falls into the hands of rogue surgeon known as The Doctor who turns him into a woman. The hitman now a hitwoman sets out for revenge, aided by a nurse named Johnnie who also has secrets. "I wouldn't make a movie that would hurt transgender people," Some of them have had a tough time of it, and the last thing I want to do is make anyone's road harder. But look, I understand the concern. Is it lurid? Yes. Is it lowbrow? Well, maybe. Is it offensive? No. I'm just trying to honor the B movies that we grew up with."

Perhaps Walter Hill thought when making "The Assignment" that this would be his recovery road - after the disastrous results of his last film (which was in 2012) "Bullet to the Head". A movie that at least attempted to be a B action thriller. Here with his latest film, Hill makes the mistake of creating an argument, rather than a point for all of it.

Dr. Rachel Kay (Sigourney Weaver) is a rogue doctor with a weird vision of a better world after losing her brother to a contract killer Frank Kitchen (Michelle Rodriguez). In an experiment to assess how much physical identity matters, Kay performs a sex-change operation on Kitchen to have him start over. And thus a revenge thriller is reputedly thrust in motion - but even that it fails to maintain. Hill and co-writer Denis Hamill understand the eccentricity of this story. Never once do they try to render Frank a human being, involuntarily subjected to gender reassignment surgery. Perhaps this is one of many unabashed flaws with "The Assignment". It tries to justify itself by saying it has nothing to do with gender reassignment, giving us a shoddy plot doused incomparably with poor direction, but that still can't make up for the disrespect it shows to the transgender community.

Frank (Rodriguez), never fully regards this or gives it a thought. Instead of giving us a thought provoking scene or moment of lucidity - Hill and Hamill evade this with lazy writing and poor dialogue. Michelle Rodriguez is fine. But that's all that can be said when viewing her performance, A scene in which she removes the bandages to see... ta-da! Michelle, beautiful and radiant. No scars or bruises. The film even tries to prove to us that she's a man by showing her wear a fake genital.

Did I mention this film has a villain? Yes, in the likes of Sigourney Weaver - "The Doctor", another character whose personality is also complex. She wants to change the world, one patient at a time while condescendingly ridiculing others with her knowledge of Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe - the only two credits that boost her intellect by this movie's standards. Her belief behind doing this is simple - She believes Frank will be liberated from his crimes, that living in the body of a woman is perhaps enough punishment as it for her - having spent much of her life scorned by men, now to be unmannerly asked by her doctor (Tony Shalhoub) a man, if the cause for this behavior is lack of sex. Not only does this demonstrate the cause for her actions, but gives a message of Misogyny.

Cinematographer James Liston acting probably on behalf of Hill, provides little to look at. Each scene feels like were in the same room with perhaps little work done to distract us. Hill, directs with mediocre use of the camera, never fully utilizing it. Editor Phil Norden once again probably acting on Hill's request gives us a cheap comic book gimmick ripped straight from "Sin City" and "Kick Ass".

I don't speak for anyone nor could I, but in my personal opinion "The Assignment" is an offensive, trans-phobic, insulting and idiotic movie. This film not only exploits the transgender community but also shines light on derogatory beliefs. "One thing's for sure, change is gonna come"

Yup. Right there. Its certainly different and I honestly enjoy that. I was afraid the film would be too cliché but in my own opinion it did enough to stand out. We are dealing with a Michelle Rodriguez Warpath flick and it's fun to watch if you're into gunslinging vendettas where everyone is a bad guy.

That is also where the film stands out. There are no saints in this film. Our main character is dislikable, cruel, and full of hate assassin. We have no reason to care about the fact that he was wronged because he himself is hardly a saint. Its just a tale of underground vengeance.

Now that would be cliché and in a way this film is partially as well. But luckily we get Sigourney Weaver to portray a rogue doctor with a very particular vision of a better world. Who also has it out for masculinity, viewing it as a prime source for evil very roughly stated.

After having lost her brother to Frank Kitchen ( Our main character) and decides to not only get back on him, she plans to do an experiment to assess how much physical identity matters to us. By turning Frank into a woman perhaps that would remove the masculinity dominating his mind and have him start over, as a better man.

It of course doesn't work out that way and to our benefit we get an okay action flick with Rodriguez killing pretty much almost everybody.

The film stand attempts to be diverse by not just being a run of the mill shooter, by including psychological and philosophical theory as well as in depth dialog with primarily the doctor to paint us a picture of either how much of a wicked visionary she is... or completely arrogant and egotistic. Thats up to the viewer to decide.

It find it to be a mix personally, making it all so much more satisfying to see her being brought down at the end because she really didn't see it coming. Its worth pointing out one could mistakenly view many of these scenes as poorly acted but it's really not the case. Weaver is trying to portray a woman, full of herself, very smart, sophisticated, philosophically intrigued and more. And in doing so she adopts the attitude of supreme arrogance and almost a god complex in a way. Sense of superiority. Because her vision allows her to to possess something greater than those around her. Something she actually states in the film by highlighting shes held captive by those lesser minded.

Oh she's truly antagonizing. I found it hilarious because Weaver portrays the character really well. Cold, calculated, sarcastic and pragmatic with a touch of "I'm better than you and you're mentally incapable of comprehending it"

Oh it's good.

Aside from these cool aspects primarily causing the difference in the film we got Michelle kicking butt, killing, destroying and being equally as cold and stern. However the film has one problem.

Its core concept of centering the film around a dislikable character isn't to everyones liking. Nor is it intended to be. Its telling a specific story. But what would have been interesting would to have seen more character build or background or something to make us care more.

But then again. That would be something not at all intended for here. And that brings me down to what this really is.

This is an action packed vendetta flick consistent of violence, hatred, deception mixed with psychological and philosophical elements to diversify our villains intentions as well as trying to prove a point.

In my opinion being that of identity isn't just what we look like. Its as Sigourney Weavers character even states. Something we deeply believe.

Regardless of out physical appearance. Of course the film isn't a masterpiece in the sense of portraying a grander scheme of things but as a film goer that enjoys psychological, and/or philosophical plots I enjoyed this.

As for seeing it twice, probably wont. But it's worth your time if only to enjoy Sigourney Weavers spitefulness of other characters, let alone just relaxing as Michelle Rodriguez is leaving behind trail of dead bodies.

The film ends ironically. Doctors plans backfiring, Rodriguez vanishing and thats that. Not much to say. Its an ending. I personally felt it would have been better if it had ended before it ended and in more grim fashion but well. Personal prefference and all.

6 out of 10. I found it to be above average. It's progression is very typical and doesn't have much depth at all, but its plot and characters is what's saving it from a lower score of 5. Credit to the actors? Of course. But also to the writers for including a bit of character depth and good dialog. Putting it closer but not entirely to a psychological thriller than just action.

Final thoughts: Watch if you enjoy action that isn't mindless and appreciate psychological and philosophical aspects in your films. While not as present as I would like considering it is its definitive strength, it is present to some degree.

It's an okay film. (Re)Assignment is ultimately canny in genre-play and unique in its time, factors that don’t necessarily make it great, but, beyond old-man-auteurism apologia, still hold somewhat of a flame in the modern age.


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