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Rupan Sansei: Tenshi No Sakuryaku Takutikusu Yume No Kakera Wa Koroshi No Kaori In Hindi Movie Download

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Rupan Sansei: Tenshi No Sakuryaku Takutikusu Yume No Kakera Wa Koroshi No Kaori In Hindi Movie Download

Lupin steals an Alien Metal from Area 51 and it's the same thing the Bloody Angels want for their unknown needs. Angel Tactics is an outstanding anime adventure starring those lovable criminals, the Lupin gang.

It starts off in fine fashion with Lupin and co. infiltrating Area 51, stealing a potentially alien artifact, and escaping in a UFO for good measure. Much like a classic James Bond opening, it's over the top and a lot of fun, plus here it does tie into the main plot as well.

This time the Lupin gang are up against an all female terrorist organization, the Bloody Angels. They want the artifact from Lupin, and it leads to an engaging story with some nice twists.

Lupin, his trusty sidekick Jigen, his sexy accomplice Fujiko, and his swordsman buddy Goemon all are in top form in this. The fun dynamic between the characters is front and center, and each character has a female terrorist to deal with as well. In Lupin's case, we get an unexpectedly tender story out of it.

Of course Inspector Zenigata is on their tail, and at one point he even flies a fighter jet equipped with missiles! He has some great one on one scenes with Lupin as well, very effective stuff.

Pretty much, this has everything you can ask for in a Lupin tale. Great comedy, cool action, and some solid drama, starring a classic cast of lovable characters. Done with style, terrific animation, and a very cool jazz soundtrack by Yuji Ohno.

Without giving away the story, I'll just say that this is a terrifically done anime that left me very satisfied. Lupin fans or newcomers, check this one out. I first saw this TV movie of Lupin the 3rd about last year ago. I had to download it off the computer, which is a raw version straight from the Japanese channel it aired from. In other words it had no subtitles or translation. But I watched it even though I've yet to learn Japanese.

Lupin the 3rd: Angel Tactics is a fine and unique TV movie. This time Lupin is up against an all female terrorist group, the "Bloody Angels". The with over a hundred of the most dangerous and tough women on the face of the earth. 4 of the top members of the group pick out their own opponent to kill. And that's right those 4 are Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko.

The whole thing begins when Lupin and his gang plan out the most clever theist. which is stealing Area 51's Alien Metal Sphere. An extraterrestrial metal from beyond the stars. The elements and materials make it so strong that not even Goemon's sword can cut it.

Zennigata is still after Lupin, only this time he's accompanied by yet another partner, Amy(who is very enthusiastic) and a pleasure to work with.

From Nevada to Mayan Islands, & with female villains that kick serious but, Angel Tactics is like a Lupin the 3rd of a different color.

The story is very different from the previous Lupin the 3rd TV movies. There has been female villains in the past, only there's never been one that includes several at once. It has some great moments, funny parts, and plenty of action and thrills. Hardly a dull moment. If it improved some small details, I'd consider it a perfect TV movie.

The original cast is apart of this one, once more. Marks 10 years of having Kanichi as Lupin the 3rd. While the other 4 have been around since the hey days of Lupin.

the animation, probably one of the few things that makes this TV movie great to watch. Cause the animation in it is just perfect. Realistic backgrounds, well drawn characters, and a simple combination of CGI and 2-D animation. And pretty much has the best visuals you'll see in any lupin the 3rd TV movie.

Anyways it's a must for the die hard Lupin the 3rd fans. good luck in finding a fan sub of this one. It be easier in downloading the raw/UN translated version off the internet. Till then, it'll be a while till it's dubbed in English as well as the other pre-2000 TV movies and early TV movies of Lupin the 3rd.


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