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Hindi Ghost Shark Free Download

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Hindi Ghost Shark Free Download

When rednecks on a fishing trip kill a great white shark, its spirit comes back for revenge, and soon turns its sights on the town of Smallport. Teenage Ava, her younger sister Cicely and friend Blaise witness the start of the ghost shark's rampage but the authorities don't believe their story. With the help of a crotchety lighthouse keeper named Finch the teens discover that the spectral shark can hunt wherever there's water, and that the town's dark past may provide the clues they need to defeat it. When rednecks on a fishing trip kill a great white shark, its spirit comes back for revenge, and soon turns its sights on the town of Smallport. I am someone who can really sit and watch bad movies. A lot of really bad movies have been some of my favourites each year, finding hiding gems in the horror genre. This is, unfortunately, not one of those hidden gems.

Ghost Shark is all about a great white shark that is killed by a red neck fisherman, who then comes back as a ghost to reek revenge on a small community that hasn't had so much as a shark sighting in 20 years. With the ability to appear in any water source – swimming pools, puddles, anything that can support its full ghostly spectre form – no one is safe from this new hell. A group of teenagers must convince the local police force that the perpetrator of these killings is a great white shark, returned from the dead, but a secret from the town's past may be the only way to do this.

This is just really cringey, really bad, and honestly one of the worst movies I have ever watched in the shark attack sub-genre. The acting is terrible, the accents of the red necks honestly just made me cringe away from the screen, and the CGI was the worst I have ever seen for a movie, television movie or otherwise. I could not wait for this to be over with, and honestly turned it off twice before forcing myself to sit and watch it all the way through. I wasted an hour and a half of my life with this movie.

There are plenty of decent shark movies you could watch, including Bait (2012), The Shallows (2016) and Shark Night 3D (2011). I would seriously recommend one of those over this; I'd even recommend Sharknado. My two star rating is generous, and that's only for the well done camera work and editing.

Seriously, miss this one. Obviously any film with the ghost of a dead shark as its antagonist is going to be pretty far out there, but the filmmakers deserve credit for taking the idea for what it is and running with it for all its worth. Unlike some other SyFy original productions, "Ghost Shark" embraces its b-movie nature and never tries to be anything other than a wildly fun monster movie. Production values are fairly good, and the spirit-shark may not win any FX awards but it looks pretty much like a giant ghostly fish ought to. Some of the attack scenes are outrageous, so much so that the viewer is more likely to laugh with glee than scream in terror, but I think that's the point. The protagonists--the usual horror movie teen set--are a varied bunch, ranging from the incredibly hot but wicked blonde who dies a quick death (wish they had kept her around for a few more scenes...she really rocked that bikini!) to the mayor's bratty son to the determined good girl and the nerd who has a crush on her. Acting is adequate and nobody embarrasses themselves, and Richard Moll adds a touch of seasoned professionalism to the proceedings as a grieving lighthouse operator who everyone thinks is crazy but is the only one who knows how the spectral predator can be stopped. "Ghost Shark" isn't a genre classic and it's easy enough to think of ways it could have been better, but as it stands it's still a fun creature feature and far better than some similar films, such as the much more strenuously promoted but far inferior "Sharknado." Anyone who enjoys b-movies and outlandish monster flicks should have a blast with "Ghost Shark."


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