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We Were Soldiers Movie Free Download Hd

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We Were Soldiers Movie Free Download Hd

In a place soon to be known as "The Valley of Death", in a football field-sized clearing called Landing Zone X-Ray, Lieutenant Colonel Hal Moore and four hundred young troopers from the newly formed 1/7th Cavalry Regiment of the U.S. 1st Air Cavalry Division were surrounded by two thousand North Vietnamese soldiers dug into the tunnel warren mountainside. The ensuing battle was one of the most savage in U.S. history, and is portrayed here as the signal encounter between the American and North Vietnamese armies. This movie is a tribute to the nobility of those men under fire, their common acts of uncommon valor, and their loyalty to, and love for, one another. In 1965, as America prepares to send its troops into South Vietnam's green Central Highlands, the devoted commander and seasoned paratrooper, Lieutenant Colonel Harold Moore, prepares to lead the young men of the First Battalion of the Seventh Air Cavalry into the war's first major ground battle. Hopelessly outnumbered, four hundred soldiers against a North Vietnamese infantry division of two thousand men, Moore's soldiers will fight in Ia Drang Valley, or the Valley of Death, during three days of inferno. This movie displays the courage and the dignity of few men on the fierce battlefield, as well as the pain and suffering of all those who were left behind alive but, nonetheless, wounded. Not as good as Saving Private Ryan or Blackhawk Down, but better than most other war movies of the past 25 years, We Were Soldiers is a no nonsense retelling of the first large scale engagement in Viet Nam between American troops and North Vietnamese regulars, in 1965. Mel Gibson stars as Colonel Hal Moore, who leads the famed U.S. 7th Cavalry , now air mobile, into a 'test' battle in the central highlands of Nam to judge the effectiveness of new combat tactics derived through use of helicopter transport of troops directly into a hostile ( hot lz) landing zone.

Immediately upon landing, Moore's battalion is attacked by hundreds of NVA, regular soldiers of North Viet Nam who are based in the nearby hills. The attacking force soon balloons to thousands, and the Americans are outnumbered and surrounded. The movie then very diligently and dutifully portrays the hectic and brutal three day battle.

The best thing about this movie is it's point of view, which shows the regard a commander has for his troops and his dedication to his duty and mission. Gibson is outstanding in portraying a decent yet disciplined leader who must maintain control and cohesion in the midst of chaos and incredible violence. Sam Elliot also stands out as the unit's Sergeant major, an old timer made of guts and granite.

It's not a perfect movie and the violence , while overwhelming at times, is not as well done as in the two films I mentioned at the top. Still it has it's moments. A lot of them as a matter of fact. The main pleasure I took from this film was in watching military men of honor do their thing on a field of battle while I was sitting in a comfortable chair in a safe place. Not an emotional sort but this film hit me right between the eyes. Born in 65, this film kept nudging my conscience on how many wasted lives, good lives put through the grinder. In addition to very well done combat scenes reflective elements of the families who sacrifice in silence of not knowing what is happening to their loved ones in harms way. Its easy for those with no blood in the game to not understand but this film at least attempts give those who don't live in a military family the anxiety and loss they live with everyday. I really hope the hawks who press the on buttons for our war machines really watch this film if only to remind them of early warning signs of one our countries greatest follies and who really does pay the ultimate price. Well done Mel Gibson. A powerful and moving experience -- once it overcomes its clunky, badly written and clichéd first act. When the VC soldier runs into the hollowed out tree, he checks the magazine in his AK-47, which was empty. He is pondering what he should do, when he fastens his bayonet on his rifle. His objective was likely to take out the Commanding Officer. But considering he had no ammo left, he ran the risk of dying trying to bayonet the Colonel or live and not complete his objective. This is done to make sure the rounds are properly seated in the magazine (so that the back end of the casing with the primer is flush against the back end of the mag). This reduces the risk of the weapon jamming. You can see Private Reiben do it in the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan (1998) with a magazine for his BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) and Cowboy do it in Full Metal Jacket (1987).


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