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Force 10 From Navarone Download Torrent

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Force 10 From Navarone Download Torrent

In the darkest days of World War II, Hitler's armies are storming through Europe, annihilating all opposition in their path. But U.S. Colonel Barnsby plots to strike a crippling blow to the brutal Nazi forces. To succeed, he'll need the help of the most skilled and lethal soldiers in the world: the Force 10 squad, fresh from its triumphant mission at Navarone. But when the team's plan goes awry in a firestorm of blistering battles, Barnsby and the squad's hard-driving Major Mallory are forced to devise a new and even more dangerous scheme to attack the Nazi war machine . . . or risk losing the rest of Europe to its awesome, destructive power. During World War II, several oddly assorted military experts are teamed in a mission to raid and destroy a bridge vital to enemy strategy. How many people out there do you suppose could name this as Robert Shaw's final film? Probably only his most devout fans could. That's the trouble with Force 10 from Navarone. It seems to have all of the right ingredients including a great cast, beautiful locations, a rousing score, and that ever-dependable villain the Nazis. However once it ends, you likely won't remember many details other than the destruction of an enormous dam and bridge in the final moments. What went wrong? First off it must be pointed out that this film is reputed to be a sequel to Guns of Navarone which was released several years prior. I must confess to having never seen much of that film, yet several informed accounts point out that this film has very little in common with its predecessor other than the word "Navarone" in the title. That is not the only problem; in fact had the film been written better, it might have hardly mattered at all. Force 10 is unfocused to say the least. We have an elite team of American special forces ready to embark on a mission into Yugoslavia. Harrison Ford is their leader, and their mission is to blow up a bridge. Added to the mission at the last moment are two Englishmen. One is an explosives expert who doesn't even seem to know that he will be used for the demolition. Another (Shaw) is along for the ride to kill a double agent who is operating amongst the Pro-Allied Partisan force near the bridge. Only about half-way through does it seem to become clear that everyone is on the right page and understands what they're all supposed to be doing. Even then, there are double-crossings going on nearly up until the very end.

Some of the action is compelling. Some of the situations these operatives find themselves in are ludicrous. The acting is uniformly very good. You can tell Harrison Ford already knows he's a star. Shaw is great, too. Franco Nero as a Partisan leader shows some talent, and Barbra Bach is a real treat for the eyes. The pacing is poor, and some of the dialog is absolutely bottom-of-the-barrel. Despite the PG rating, there are some adult-like surprises. Bach is topless in one scene (yes!), and there is a very graphic decapitation of a hapless Nazi soldier.

In sum, this film won't put you to sleep, but with all involved it should have been better. The script is what ultimately dooms it. 5 of 10 stars.

The Hound. I thought this was a disappointing film.

Not sure why Harrison Ford made it. Maybe he thought he couldn't go wrong after Star Wars but this is not a good film.

Usually I like Robert Shaw as an actor but I thought he was poor in this and came across as a bit of an idiot rather than a professional sent to carry out a dangerous mission.

The story about the penicillin was just ridiculous as was the story about hiding it earlier on. In real life the Nazis would have just laughed at the stupidity of it and probably shot Ford and the others.

The acting is patchy and the action isn't very exciting.

Overall a disappointing film with poor performances. If any one made a respectable effort to invest this story with authenticity or tension it is not apparent on the screen. Even the big spectacle, the demolition of a dam, is going to look unimpressive to moviegoers who've already been to Superman and seen the identical illusion depicted with far more skill. Force 10 is a mission that should probably have been aborted. Instead it's been allowed to abort on the screen.


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