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The Kiwi! Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd

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The Kiwi! Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd

The story of a Kiwi who spends his whole life working towards achieving his dream. Meticulously and with unflinching dedication, a small kiwi bird is working incessantly on a mysterious project, driven by a beautiful dream and an innocent, yet irresistible desire for a change. Before the flightless dreamer, there is a towering and steep cliff, nevertheless, what is the indefatigable kiwi working on? just awesome!! It's been a while since I've encountered something a marvellous animation-short, that tells such a great story in just a couple of minutes. It has all the elements which made this sweet little KIWI touched so many people: Humor and drama and everything in between. I started off screaming from laughter by the way he (she?) moved and its persistence in the undertaking of this enormous task (!), but was also choked by the drama which evolved, and the inescapable ending that was (wisely enough not graphically exploited), the distant sound of KIWI hitting the ground was chilling and heartbreaking and truly had an impact. But hey... I'm one who have always cried and laughed at animation movies since way back in 1953, when I was 3. And still I enjoy this art after 55 years and will, till the day I die probably.

Let's hope the talent of this guy will be recognized and that he will be given the chance to make more movies that really tell a story and move people all over the world. He deserves this BIG TIME.

I only saw this movie for the 1st time a couple of days back (June 06, 2008) and it had by then been viewed over 17.5 million times at Youtube. That's a lot of THUMBS UP and one heck of a standing ovation! I like a lot to see animated shorts. For me, most of those shorts are way more creative and inspiring than most of the movies from the recent years, having also more artistic value than many so-called "masterpieces".

Sadly, most of those shorts are quite underrated on IMDb. For some reason, even the shorts with a high visual quality and captivating stories tend to have a relatively low (or just average) score on this website, and I simply don't know why.

However, and sadly, this is not of those underrated shorts. In fact, I will dare to say that this is something quite overrated.

I honestly don't know what is the big deal about this. Sure, there is a somewhat clever plot twist at the end, but besides of that, there isn't anything remarkable about this.

And the plot twist at the end (Where the titular character commits suicide at the end in order to achieve his dream to fly) isn't really that clever. I am not sure if that was supposed to be some kind of dark joke, or something emotional, but either way, it didn't work for me. I personally see it from a dramatic perspective, but it didn't have very much emotional impact on me.

Additionally, this short doesn't have a very good animation quality. Despite being made in the year 2006, the CGI from "Kiwi!" looks like something from the late nineties and visually it isn't very creative. I 've seen many other animated films and shorts which despite having a low budget, use their resources in a very creative manner, sometimes with very beautiful results, but "Kiwi!" doesn't even seems to be trying to be something more than generic in that aspect.

In my opinion, "Kiwi!" along with "Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty" and "Oktapodi" is one of the most overrated short animations ever made. There are many, many animated shorts which are much better than this one (Not only in what concerns to the visual aspect, but also narratively speaking, having also much more meaningful messages and much more emotional impact than "Kiwi!"

Just to name a few: "The Little Matchgirl" Disney short from the year 2006, "Madame Tutli-Putli", "Street of Crocodiles", all the shorts directed by Aleksandr Petrov, "The External World", "Please Say Something", "The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello", "Paths of Hate", "Pas à deux" from Gerrit van Dijk, "Love and War", "Adam and Dog", any of the PES shorts...And sadly, most of them have less score on IMDb than this.


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