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Download Mystery In Swing

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Download Mystery In Swing

In and around some great blues, swing and jazz music, a very unpopular band-leader. Prince Ellis, is killed in a Harlem nightclub, and, in and around some more great music, a detective finds the lists of suspects is very long, as Prince Ellis was indeed very unpopular with many citizens. Musician and heel Prince Ellis has returned to town and taken up with sweet Linda. Linda's father doesn't like the fact that his daughter is seeing his daughter and tries to put a stop to it. When Ellis ends up dead, Linda's father becomes the main suspect, but it isn't long before suspects and people with an ax to grind are coming out of the woodwork. Wading in to the mystery is a reporter and a secretary from his paper and they are determined to get to the bottom of the murder. Okay murder mystery is the sort thing that with a bigger budget and more experienced hands would have been a cracking little murder tale. Here it's a not quite as good because the cast is a bit uneven and the direction seems to be off by a beat or two. It doesn't ruin the film but it made me slightly annoyed because I had the feeling that this could have been a great little film if it had a little bit more…. Short comings aside this is worth a look if you like the mysteries of the 40's. This all-black "race" movie intended for black audiences is worth seeing because of the wonderful jazz music and songs written and mostly performed by The Four Tones and Ceepee Johnson, and played by Johnson's orchestra throughout the film. The setting is mostly in a nightclub, so it is not out of place. The songs dominate the second half of the film, with the murder mystery, while it is fun to watch unfold, taking a back seat. Johnson's performance of his "Beat My Blues Away" is spectacular - a performance not to be missed. If you like jazz, this movie is for you.

John Lester Johnson's character is billed on screen as "Himself," because he was a well-known ex-fighter who once broke some ribs of Jack Dempsey (see his mini-biography in this data base). His name is never mentioned, but he is called "Champ" and plays the nightclub owner.


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