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Download Full Movie Lupin III: Island Of Assassins In Hindi

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Download Full Movie Lupin III: Island Of Assassins In Hindi

After trying to pull off a heist, Lupin encounters a group of killers called the Tarantulas. One of them so happen to have his long lost special Wather P38, he once own. Lupin decides to investigate by going to the Tarantulas' hideaway on a well protected island in the Brimudal Triangle. With the help of his friends Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko. Lupin has no fear. But he doesn't know that it won't be so easy to escape the island with the gold the Assassins smuggled. Lupin infiltrates the Tarantulas, an elite gang of assassins from a secret island base, over an incident from his past. This 90-minute TV special from 1997 is much more of an action thriller than a typical comic caper from the long-running series of Japanese animated action comedies featuring the charming master thief, Lupin III (a descendant of Arsene Lupin). It boasts an elaborate island setting-the home of the Tarantula assassin syndicate, whose gold stash is targeted by Lupin and his crew. All who arrive on the island, including Lupin and his three cohorts, are poisoned and kept alive only by the island's native sulfuric gas. Leaving the island means certain death without a mask with a 24-hour supply of the gas. Lupin and company are betrayed at one point by the island's doctor, who turns out to be a onetime partner who had double-crossed Lupin on their first job, seen in lengthy flashbacks.

This is as fast-paced and action-packed as any Lupin III film, but is far more violent than normal for the series. There is lots of shooting, bloodshed, and killing, including deaths of the innocent. There is no sexual innuendo in this one and the comely Fujiko keeps her clothes on for once. (Bummer!) A very nice jazz score makes good use of the standard Lupin theme. Fans of hardcore anime action who've steered clear of Lupin III because of the comedy may find this entry a suitable means of introduction to one of Japan's most popular animated series. Walther P-38 (Island of Assassins) is a damn good Lupin III adventure.

A man commits a heinous crime using a Walther P-38 pistol much like the one Lupin has, along with a spooky group of assassins with spider tattoos. This leads Lupin and the gang to the foggy island of assassins.

This is the most serious Lupin special, and also the most violent. It's an intriguing change of pace for Lupin, where he has a serious score to settle from his past. The less known about the plot going in the better, there are some nice twists.

Lupin naturally takes a liking to a female assassin on the island, she turns out to be one of the better guest leading ladies. The scenes between Lupin and her are pretty touching.

The Lupin gang is here as well, with Jigen there to help his partner, Fujiko with a couple nice scenes, and of course Goemon with some great fighting. For the most part they're separate from Lupin in this one, as he is doing his own personal thing, but they do get some decent screen time.

This has a comparatively more serious art style, and is pretty dark looking. The soundtrack by Yuji Ohno is also pretty intense. There's still some good comedy in this though, being Lupin, and Inspector Zenigata provides quite a few of those laughs.

A really good thriller, I recommend giving this one a watch, Lupin fan or not.


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