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The Batman: Dead End Full Movie Download In Hindi

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The Batman: Dead End Full Movie Download In Hindi

The Joker has escaped from Arkham and Batman must once again bring him in - once and for all. Unfortunately for the bat, there is something even more sinister than the Joker waiting in the alley for the dark knight detective.. Life isn't fair. The Joker escapes from Arkham Asylum. Bruce Wayne puts on his Batman suit, mask, and cape, and goes in pursuit. He's soon found the Joker and begins a fight to subdue the red-eyed, sneering villain. Then, suddenly, things take a surprising turn: the Joker becomes the least of Batman's worries. New enemies appear: it's as if he's found himself in another set of comic books. Can he hold his own? I really don't think even hardcore fans of this short get what this incredible film really is, and what it has done for the industry. Batman Dead End has not only set fandom ablaze with it's ultra stylistic, noirish, accurate depiction of the Dark Knight, it has set a new standard for genre filmmaking and set the bar sky high for all the Hollywood, big budget, superhero and sci-fi films to follow. This low budget endeavor has totally put to shame any of the four WB Batman films, and has generated more excitement for Batman fans around the world than anything has a long time. I honestly believe that all of the things that have happened at WB with the Nolan Batman film, have been influenced, and fueled to a big degree by Batman Dead End, starting with the fact that it finally got greenlit after Dead End took Comic Con and the web by storm. The Casting, the willingness of the studio to finally let the franchise be handled by a director who can do dark, and the decision to loose the rubber costume for a more realistic approach, also, I feel are attributed to Dead End. I recently read an article in which Nolan was quoted as saying " I want Batman to be more vulnerable, more human..." Sounds like he watched the making of Batman Dead End featurette, and borrowed some quotes from director Sandy Collora. If Batman Intimidation Game turns out to be as cool as it sounds, the producers of Batman Dead End need to be thanked in the credits. Like it or not, with a miniscule fraction of the budget, limited resources, and enough passion and talent to make ten films, Collora and company have made their mark in the annals of film history by rejuvenating a dying franchise, and in the words of Kevin Smith, shooting the best Batman movie ever made.

Hey Warner Brothers, You're Welcome. Running at a mere eight minutes long, a lot of detail, action and character is created. No longer are we in the days of the over the top campness of Batman and Robin, this is more akin to Tim Burtons Batman films - dark, moody, raw, gothic. This is a welcome change, and hopefully the makers of the next Batman motion picture will take note.

The actors are great, Batman is just like he should be - moody, and he also looks authentic too, with no metal bits and shiny crotch pieces, just the grey suit, black gloves, black shoes, a trusty cape and a nice rubber mask. The Joker looks really good, and is played well, though Jack Nicholsen this ain't. Other characters are Alien and Predator, which are put in the movie well, they look just as good as they did in their own films, if not better, yet Alien was criminally underused - but who cares when Predator has a face off with Batman - with THAT predator music. Class. Bad points? Not many here, but maybe a few more views on the spectacular Gotham city would've been nice. Note - this is the best Batman film for a long time. Do yourself a favour and watch it now.


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