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Thief Full Movie Download Mp4

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Thief Full Movie Download Mp4

Following a botched job that killed his apprentice, Garrett wakes up to find the City he thought he knew changed, and not for the better. The mysterious Gloom sickness plagues an already diseased and contentious population. Into this volatile mix appears a man claiming to have a cure for both the Gloom and the Baron's iron rule. Orion, voice of the people, hires Garrett to find a book he claims is the key to saving the City from the Gloom. Garrett soon finds that things are not as they appear and he's more wrapped up in events than he ever believed possible. Waking up after a magic ritual gone wrong that killed his apprentice, master thief Garrett finds his medieval City ravaged by a mysterious plague. With citizens chafing under the Baron's tyrannical rule, the City is ripe for revolution. First for my 3D review. This game is almost perfect in 3D and Square Enix have taken the extra time to add a feature in your options menu to allow for 3D settings. You can adjust depth and convergence to your liking so naturally 3D works perfectly... well almost. The first problem although minor is the NVidia 3D rating pops up every time you play the game so you must hit ctr-alt-ins to remove it. Secondly, although this game is made to support 3D you need to turn brightness up a fair way although I haven't played a game in 3D yet that did not require brightness to be turned up. You are looking through darkened glasses after all. Gameplay was a bit of fun but not overly joyous. Get your objective - Crouch/hide in shadows (mostly night time) steal as much as you can you crazy Kleptomaniac! Knock out bad guys or find a way to cleverly sneak past them and grab that treasured item. For the most part this was an acceptable past-time but not a total must do for the day type deal. Depending on your age and if you have played the previous Thief games you can either take it or leave it. There is a certain amount of satisfaction gained from completing an objective of that there is no doubt. The main (in game) Journal is badly organised in that once you have viewed the item you wanted to look at pressing escape doesn't take you back to the game as you would expect - rather it takes you back through every stage of the menu although you can hit 'close Journal' with your mouse. The weapons selection menu only show icons of each weapon such as a rope icon for rope arrow, That's fine but several icons are similar to each other and unless you are really on the ball you don't know what a particular arrow type may be. There is probably a tutorial somewhere in the game but it would probably have been easier to just have the word 'rope' 'shock' etc above each arrow type. there are a few minor annoyances like this through the game but at least you can save your game via the F5 key any time. Be aware that this only saves your progress for that game slot. Yes its a bit confusing and unfortunately that seems to be this games downfall. There is also a major bug in the game where you may complete an entire objective, save and close the game, the next day you will start the game and you will be back where you were before you started the mission you just finished! Searching through your game save slots reveals no save for when you completed the mission so do yourself a big favour and save in a different slot altogether when You finish a side quest. Using the F (focus key) highlights areas in your situation that can really help out so use it frequently! Another major annoyance is when you go to the menu to save your game or access the options section you get a seriously loud thud. Instead of a nice 'click; sound such as the emulation of turning off a light switch you get DONK!! It is so amazingly annoying that you actually have to turn your speakers down to access the main menu then back up again when you want to go back to the game. 7.5 rubber (gloomy) chickens from this reviewer. The first problem was no Stephen Russell without him Garrett didn't seem right. If you can get by that and you are a fan of this series or stealthy games like Assassins Creed you should love this game. But there is a few more problems first off I haven't beat yet but the 2nd main character Erin annoying as she is killed off early in the game so the question is for Edios what was the point of having her. The game play is closer to Thief deadly shadows and Assassins Creed than to Thief the Dark Project and Thief II the Metal Age stealing is easier on here than in the first to games.Next is the level design which like the other 3 Thief games it is easy to get lost in them you decide if that is a good thing. Id say rent this game before buying it especially if you are like me a fan of Dark Project and Metal Age. The lack of a dagger or sword is not what I care for the gas arrows are gone and so is the black jack replaced with a club like thing then Erin's own claw after she bites the dust.Like I said in the title not great but better than I'd thought it would be.


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