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The Before Dawn

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The Before Dawn

Before dawn, people will rise and other people will take away their hope. Before dawn, a large transport truck - the sort with canvas curtains around the cargo, often seen moving troops or matériel - lumbers down a makeshift road through fields of tall grain. It stops where two such roads cross. Two men get out to check the truck, the horn sounds a few times, and the fields are alive with people each carrying a suitcase. Maybe 50 of them. They rush into the back of the truck, and it sets out down one road. Does a new dawn await these immigrants without papers? I was looking for a plan sequence for inspiration in trying to make one myself and accidentally stumbled onto this one. (thanks to the nice sundance film festival website) It's a fine example of usage of a sequence shot. It moves from situational shot to the conclusion and there never really is a need to cut. The story is very powerful in it's summable simplicity and lends itself beautifully to this kind of camera-work. I would recommend it to everyone who likes this kind of inventive movie-making. As a student i think this is also an ideal movie to show to students why you should sometimes choose for a sequential shot instead of cutting your story to death. Before Dawn has a single shot which is several minutes in length. Similarly to Orson Wells "A Touch of Evil" and Jean-Luc Godard's "Weekend" there is a brilliantly choreographed single shot lasting minutes. Technically this is immaculate, visually it is stunning. The story is set in a field; where the field is we don't know, but a lone truck drives up into the field and stops. A horn beeps and from beneath the long grass thirty of so people appear and proceed to enter the truck. We take it they hiding from something and this is their doorway. The truck leaves, but only to be greeted by a mass of police and even a helicopter blocking their path. By this point we see the discipline and dedication that went into this film. The police of course take their freedom and leave. One man raises up from the field, perhaps someone who knew what might happen and did not enter the truck. He walks away solemnly. This film is definitely for anyone who enjoys and admires intricate direction, masterful cinematography and long drawn out complex single shots. A fine example of the technical level which can be achieved with great difficulty.


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