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Batman: Rise Of Sin Tzu Hd Mp4 Download

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Batman: Rise Of Sin Tzu Hd Mp4 Download

Sin Tzu, the Warlord of Asia, had become an unsurpassed strategist and warrior in his Asian homeland. His mastery of Yan Jing, the metaphysical art of manipulating mental energy, grants him the ability to affect the minds of both his allies as well as his opponents, making him practically unstoppable. After a long-lived reign of terror across Asia, he became disinterested in warfare and battles, as there was no great challenge left to overcome; no adversary worthy of his attentions. And then he began to hear the legends of Gotham City. The famous and notorious urban-legend, the dark knight detective: the Batman. Possibly the one perfect foe for Sin Tzu to test his mettle against. Tzu arranges for himself to be taken to Arkham Asylum. There, he slowly and carefully assembles an army with which to take on the dark superhero: Scarecrow, Clayface and Bane. At midnight, the battle begins. With his own army of himself, Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl, the Batman will have to outsmart, overpower, and overcome a new villain, a new power, a new evil; unlike any he has ever faced before. In Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu, a new villain who feeds off of dominance is in search of a new, difficult opponent. In Asia he hd heard of the Dark Knight of Gotham City, Batman, and has set up a scheme which is so evil, Batman requires the help of his three partners, Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl. Batman Rise of the Sin Tzu probably the most annoying fight scenes in a game ever and also music. You can choose to play as Batman, Robin, Nightwing or Batgirl (don't choose Robin or Batgirl they're slow and annoying). What really shut me off is that you have to fight like more than 10 or 20 people sometimes and it's really hard because they come and come and come so quickly and you don't have the time to actually regain some of your health. The good things about this game are the 3 major villains that i got to finish fighting and defeating Scarecrow was great, Clayface even better and Bane although kinda hard to defeat you get what you have to do after a while. Rise of the Sin Tzu is not a bad game but it's not a cool one either. Best thing about it it's definitely that Main Menu Theme absolutely out of this world 7/10. I hated Batman: Vengeance and I was a little bit weary about playing this game. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was actually a fun little beat-em-up in the tradition of Streets of Rage and Double Dragon. However it is still quite a shallow game.

Each level looks exactly the same as you (as Batman, Robin, Batgirl or Nightwing) run around levels like the City Streets, the Sewers, Museums etc and beat-up generic looking villains. The graphics and levels look pretty but the scenery is rather flat and unengaging. Plus the upgrades with special moves are hardly that exciting though it is slightly fun using them to kick-in the heads of evil henchmen. But when you do it for the forty-millionth time it does get a bit boring.

And every level involves either defusing a bomb against 3-minute time limits and rescuing hostages against 3-minute time limits. Wow! But, like I said, it's still far better than Vengeance and the cut-scenes look lovely. And for the tiny amount of pennies that I paid for it I can hardly complain really.


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