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Malayalam Movie Download Hanky Panky

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Malayalam Movie Download Hanky Panky

Architect Michael Jordan, a Chicago Architect, is New York on business. A beautiful stranger identifying herself as Janet Dunn, runs into the taxi cab he's using. He volunteers to put a package into the mailbox for her after she hastily addresses the envelope. Infatuated with her goes to see her at her hotel. She brushes him off and closes the door in his face. He is about to leave when he hears a shot. Janet opens the door and falls into his arms dead. Now everyone believes that he's the killer. A mysterious group that's after the package is now after him. His only ally is Kate Hellman, who has secrets of her own. To clear his name they have to find out what was in the package, who wants it and why. Completely innocent man, Michael Jordon, is drawn into a web of government secrets when a girl carrying a mysterious package gets into a taxi with him. When she's later murdered, Michael becomes the chief suspect and goes on the run. This Hitchcockian comedy-thriller misfire re-united star Gene Wilder with actor-turned-director Poitier after the box-office success of STIR CRAZY (1980; which I should be getting to presently), but it was also the fourth and last collaboration between Poitier and Richard Widmark – the others being NO WAY OUT (1950; Poitier's debut), the similarly maligned THE LONG SHIPS (1963) and the superb THE BEDFORD INCIDENT (1965; produced by Widmark). Incidentally, HANKY PANKY was intended as a follow-up to SILVER STREAK (1976) and STIR CRAZY itself as yet another teaming of Wilder with Richard Pryor – but the latter's role eventually got turned into a female character and played by Gilda Radner (from TV's "Saturday Night Live"). The two stars would then fall in love and marry but, alas, the relationship was not long-lasting as Radner would die within 5 years! Anyway, while HANKY PANKY is hardly terrible, it is far from a classic either: the thrills are largely mechanical (leading predictably to violence, a case of mistaken identity for the bewildered hero, and elaborate action for the denouement) and the laughs – the genuine ones, that is – too few (mostly, it is Wilder doing his idiosyncratic hysterical shtick). Radner herself, to say nothing of Widmark (albeit still effortlessly intimidating at 68), is somewhat underused; notable supporting roles, then, are played by Kathleen Quinlan and Robert Prosky as Intelligence operatives – respectively pursued by and pursuing Widmark and his henchmen. Imagine Sidney Poitier doing a North by Northwest type movie. That is pretty much what Hanky Panky is. Sidney Poitier is no Alfred Hitchcock, though. Gene Wilder (alias Michael Jordan) saves this movie from being very mediocre. One has to go back to 1982 (the movie is actually situated in 1981) where things like national security and cold war had other dimensions than today. So take a little bit of murder mystery, a little bit of spy movie, add a neurotic character (Wilder) and his big-staring-eyes sidekick (Gilda Radner), take a few villains (a not quite convincing Richard Widmark), smashing bottles, men in dresses (yes, Wilder, too), stupid policemen, grim-looking NSA people and presto, racing here, racing there, driving, flying, smashing, that's the movie. Oh, did I forget to mention the really beautiful scenery of the Grand Canyon when flying within the Canyon was still allowed? This flight is really a wild ride and there are some low-level laughs in the cabin: how much intestinal gas can a fat pilot stand before he suddenly dies (of what?) in mid-air? If you're in for computer history, observe the excessive use of data tape and the by then state-of-the-art 3D-graphics. Actually, this movie has its very funny moments, but by today's standards its pace is slow, despite the fact that Wilder/Jordan is frantically running away from someone, something or else all the time. And the DVD is too expensive for not featuring any special features except of a full screen trailer. But if you own the DVD, watch that trailer, but don't fall asleep: would one advertise a screwball comedy like this in such a lame way, today? Does anyone know?


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