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Big Bad Mama 720p

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Big Bad Mama 720p

Mama and daughters get forced by circumstances into bootlegging and bank robbing, and travel across the country trailed by the law. After the death of her lover, Wilma takes over his bootlegging business, but without much success. She soon meets up with bank robber Fred, who convinces her and her daughters to join him for his next big heist. In the meantime, Wilma also kidnaps the daughter of a millionaire in the hopes of getting rich off the ransom. Will Wilma and Fred be able to retire with their ill-gotten gains, or will the law eventually catch up with them? The 1930's where America was at its worst:The Great Depression, The Dust Bowl in the Midwest. Hard times was at its worst, especially for Wilma(Angle Dickinson) and her two daughters BilliyJean(Susan Sennett) and Polly(Robbie Lee). Tired of being poor, they head out West to make a living. They come across Wilma's bootlegging lover(Noble Willingham) at a church to attend Polly's wedding which never takes place because Mama objects the man and his family. They would later find new partners in crime after Uncle Barney gets killed by the Feds. They would me etc a bank robber(Tom Skerritt) and a gambler(William Shatner) . Think they can pull it off? Of course. "Big Bad Mama" packs a lot in this movie: Laughs, drama, romance, even gunfire. No one has been left out of the fun. Billy Jean is the tough older daughter, while Polly is the very hormonally, emotional one. They did give the bank robber some lover while Wilma did the gambler. I heard that this almost got an Oscar nomination, but the silliness gave it a nod. I say, "It's good!" Silly or not, its a great movie. Great for late night viewing. 4 out of 5 stars Crashing cars, splatter guns, sex and nudity—whatever else about Roger Corman, he never made a boring movie, and this one seldom lets up. Take Wilma (Dickinson) and her two hormonal daughters. When they're not sticking a .45 in some moneyman's hapless face, they're stripping down for extra-curricular action. Lucky Skerritt and Shatner, except Skerritt's strictly low-class, while Shatner's a little short in the guts department. But Wilma's got high-class aspirations. So, being a hardscrabble, rural woman, she robs folks out in the open instead of behind boardroom doors.

But note the people she robs. All are pillars of what the counter-cultural 70's would call the "establishment". There's the huckstering preacher, the mortgage bankers, the boozy American Legion, and finally the wealthy snobs who think they are the "better people". In fact, their talk about not taxing the better people sounds almost contemporary. Note too that it's the high-class pretender Shatner who double-crosses the others. Yes indeed, screenwriter Norton may have been blacklisted in the 50's, but the political echoes continue

There's no room here for nuance or lengthy dialog. These folks don't waste time talking when there's another bank to rob or another car to crash. It's strictly the fast life for Wilma and her brood. Note how Mom sabotages daughter Polly's wedding, saying Polly'll only wind up on a poor farm with a bunch of skinny kids. That's probably some insight into those bank-robbing desperadoes of the Dust Bowl '30's. And so, America's back-handed liking for up-front outlaws like Wilma and Co. gets another jazzy installment.


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