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Mercury Rising Full Movie Download In Hindi Hd

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Mercury Rising Full Movie Download In Hindi Hd

The United States government is about to launch its brand new super code. Impossible to break, or so they thought until it was broken by a nine year old autistic boy. Now the bodies are piling up to keep it secret and the mercury is rising. The NSA has developed what they believe is an unbreakable code which they call MERCURY. Now they ran a test to see if anyone can decipher the code by putting it in a puzzle magazine. Now Simon Lynch, an autistic boy who has an affinity for puzzles sees it and deciphers it and calls the NSA. Concerned the men in charge call their boss Kudrow and inform of what happened. Kudrow worried what might happen if this gets out orders that Simon be terminated. The man he sends kills his parents but is unable to find Simon and leaves when the police arrive. The police call the FBI to send someone to take a report of Simon who is missing and the man they send Art Jeffries is not exactly in good standing with the FBI because of an incident that occurred recently and is also not exactly OK because of the incident. Art finds Simon, who was hiding and takes him to the hospital. While there, the assassin takes another try but Art saves Simon and they go on the run. A clandestine branch of the US government is tasked with constructing an unbreakable super-code to be used for the protection of covert operatives in dangerous situations worldwide. One of the ways in which they test it is by putting it in a puzzle in a puzzle magazine to test the "geek factor" ie. can geeks crack it where trained codebreakers can't. 9 year old autistic savant Simon (Miko Hughes) is able to not so much crack it as read it. So, naturally enough, the response of Alec Baldwin (head of the project) is to have him and his parents murdered. Simon escapes, being rescued by bruised FBI agent Art (Bruce Willis) who then has to keep him alive despite rapidly finding himself on the outside looking in.

I think this film may have thought that, by centring the action around autistic Simon, it was doing something different. It isn't. Though Miko Hughes does quite well in presenting a credibly handicapped boy, Simon is no more than a maguffin to hang a routine action thriller on, and not a particularly sympathetic one, either (which is probably a compliment to the performance).

Bruce Willis and Alec Baldwin can play these parts in their sleep and, in this particular case, that's pretty close to what they do.

This is an adequate time-passer. Mercury Rising received a poor reception, a fate that movies of mixed genre's often received. Audiences came in expecting an action movie, and what they found was a heartwarming film about autism.

The plot of Mercury Rising is almost laughably thin. An autistic child sees through a top secret code, and the government decides to kill him. Enter the rogue FBI agent(Bruce Willis) with the heart of gold, and watch the testosterone take over. A plot like this is something usually associated with Steven Seagal.

The salvation to this movie is the relationship between Simon Lynch(Miko Hughes), the autistic child, and Willis redeems the movie. Without falling prey to the temptation to preach on autism, it sketchs an accurate picture of the illness. Hughes' performance is heartbreaking and accurate.

Alec Baldwin maintains the movies tension with a chilling performance as an NSA agent who makes the decision to kill Simon. Baldwin revels in the role of villain, pulling out every acting chop he has to make this role believable.

Director Harold Becker manages to propel this movie beyond its thin plot, riding on the backs of the incredible talent within the movie. Contrived, slapdash and utterly false, this action thriller with a cynically soft center exemplifies the worst end-product of contemporary Hollywood formulas.


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